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New Li-Ning sneaker for Dwyane Wade is revealed

Widely known as one of the most innovative brands in China today, Li-Ning have a lot of luck thanks to the support of the country by the athlete founder with 6 gold medals in the Summer Olympics 1984. In 2012, Li-Ning really stirred up the internet community with a contract worth 10 million with Dwyane […]

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LANVIN revealed classic double image BUMPER sneaker for 2020

Lanvin Bumper 2020 Release dateTBC Price$ 550 Place of salelanvin.com Last May, the French luxury fashion company – Lanvin launched the first unisex sporty shelf designed by creative director, Bruno Sialelli. And recently, dubbed the more aesthetic version of the Bumper sneaker OG, this luxury 2020 version is compared to a pair. sacai x Nike […]

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Virgil Abloh presents the latest OFF-WHITE chunky sneaker

Look how the shoes are hybrid like that. Apart from the distinctive OFF-WHITE 4-way arrow logo, Virgil Abloh does not bring anything really special. Product: OFF-WHITE Jogger Suede and Shell The outstanding features: The shoe body is made of suede, the nose and heels are covered with high-quality leather. The tongue is made from canvas. […]

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Is Legit really necessary in the sneaker world?

Let’s find out: Is Legit really necessary in the sneaker world? In the sneakerhead or hypebeast world, legit is really a basic vocabulary that everyone must know. What is Legit? Why do you have to know what to do when you play shoes? Let EACHSHOES learn more about “you” from this vocabulary. What is Legit? […]

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