The inspiration from the interaction with the PUMA BLAZE OF GLORY “YIN YANG” PACK


Recently mentioned in our collaborations Puma with Sneaker Freaker or Packer Shoes but Blaze of Glory still quite quiet compared to his brothers. Most recently, Puma decided to bring this attractive design back with two opposing color schemes in the duo named Blaze Of Glory “Yin Yang” Pack. As the name suggests, “Yin Yang” Pack … Read more

Releasing the summer heat with the breeze coming from PUMA – Thunder Desert


Bringing a whole new color, Thunder Desert does not seem to have anything to do with the two seniors Thunder Spectra and Electric. The newest member of the Thunder family PUMA like a slender maknae. Sweet but also full of personality. PUMA Thunder Desert “Mint” PUMA Thunder Desert “White” While his two older brothers have … Read more

PUMA and the legendary story of SUEDE

Puma Suede

PUMA Suede – I can’t help but remember that classic name when it comes to Puma. Originally a basketball shoe, but Puma wanted something groundbreaking and creative, moreover the attention of spectators and athletes. So the idea of ​​a legendary, trendy suede shoe was born. Released in 1968, not many sneakers can match the comfortable … Read more


PUMA Speedcat, lấy cảm hứng từ các cuộc đua xe Công thức 1

PUMA is no longer a strange name for shoe players. Capital is a multinational brand, based in Germany, specializing in the production of shoes and sports equipment. However, the history of PUMA is probably not well known by many people, so today, SNEAKER Vietnam will give you an overview of the process of formation and … Read more

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