Air Jordan 1 “Yin Yang” pack – Black & White in harmony

Previous information about the “Banned“Will come back soon this year, Nike moves have been made to quickly warm up the community with great color schemes like Yin Yang The pack will launch on June 11 come here.


The high neck version will be selected as the main design pack this product, and as the name “Yin Yang“Of the collection – both color schemes have the main colors Black and White, but the position in the center of each color scheme is the opposite layer. This is also the long-standing philosophy of Onmyouji theory passed down by the ancients.

  • In yin there is yin, in yang there is yin “

This collection has not been sold in the US, but if you love it, you can choose right now atmos Please.

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Source: Air Jordan 1 “Yin Yang” pack – Black & White in harmony

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