Bearbrick – A trend of up to billions of Vietnamese celebrities and young people

Bearbrick - A trend of up to billions of Vietnamese celebrities and young people

Let’s find out: Bearbrick – A trend of up to billions of Vietnamese celebrities and young people

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In the past few years, the streetwear community has been buzzing about the bearbrick toy bears. Produced by the Medicom Toy brand from Japan, Bearbrick has long been a hobby for street culture and art enthusiasts.

Launched in 2001, this toy quickly attracted attention for its simple and cute design. Bearbrick’s concept and design, based on Medicom Toy’s The Kubrick series, aims to honor the greatest film director of all time – Mr. Stanley Kubrick.

Not only causing storms in big countries like Japan or the US, this bear also captured the hearts of young Vietnamese. Not only that, but Vietnamese youth also play big with extremely rare versions of this big belly bear. Let’s take a look at it together!

Runner up Huyen My

Earlier this year, this runner showed off on Instagram the image of 12 bears she owns. And according to her share, these 12 bears cost her more than 100 million to bring home due to their rarity. In these bears, we can spot rare versions like Transformer or Cuong Thi that have been storming nowadays.

B @ by Bearbrick – about 29 million

Bearbrick Cuong Thi costs about 19 million

Transformer Bearbrick costs about 23 million

Player Nguyen Van Toan

In addition to Huyen My, another famous character is the “blonde marshal” Nguyen Van Toan who also has a passion for Bearbrick. It is known that this guy is a true follower of this bear when he always carries them when playing abroad.

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Stormtrooper Executioner 1000% Bearbrick – about 15 million

Captain Phasma The Force Awaken 1000% Bearbrick – about 22 million VND

Fabo Nguyen

Besides the two viral names in showbiz, Bearbrick is also one of the pleasures of those who have a voice in the community. And Fabo is the first name that needs to be mentioned on this list. In addition to his BST sneakers and huge clothes, this million-views Youtuber also makes others overwhelmed by his expensive bulky bears.

Fujiya “Peko Chan Lucky Cat” 400% Bearbrick – price about 11 million

BAPE ABC CAMO Shark 400% Bearbrick – more than 50 million 1 set

BAPE Multicolor Foil XXV 1000% Bearbrick – about 45 million VND

In addition to the above-mentioned names, the young Vietnamese are also quite willing to spend with these extremely cute bears. Let’s take a look together!

Bearbrick 1000% of the super rare 1/1 number of Nga Nguyen girl – owner of the famous Gathering House shop in Hanoi

Your genuine Bearbrick set Duc Duy

Your admirable Bearbrick collection Le Duc Anh – a rich kid in Vietnam



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