Biti’s Hunter Retro Essential Pack BST review after one week of use

Biti's Hunter X Retro Essential

Recently, the Biti’s Hunter brand continues to bring to fans a new collection called Retro Essential Pack Vol.1, with the participation of male singer Son Tung M-TP. In this collection, Biti’s Hunter continues to reuse two of their key sneakers, Biti’s Hunter X and Biti’s Hunter. But the difference is that both versions are wearing “wings” with an impressive retro style. More specifically, this BST also welcomes the appearance of two sandals and boots rookie, with the design inspiration and technology applied from the two men’s sneakers. And today, EACHSHOES Will bring you a review of these on-feet experiences over the past week.

Note: All reviews and experiences are based on the fact that EACHSHOES team has used the product. If you have other comments, please comment!

Biti’s Hunter Retro Essential Pack

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Biti’s Hunter Retro Essential Pack
Price Price: 680,000 VND
Box Boxes, wrapping paper: Orange box with white Hunter X logo on top.
Technology The exclusive LiteFlex base technology from Biti’s Hunter applies IP production technology on Phylon material.

The shoe body is made of high quality si material with lots of ventilation holes.

The tongue is nothing special with the leather outer layer inside the mesh fabric.

Antibacterial pads (The feeling is not very clear, but giving points for this part because we picked them up, we won’t get hurt haha)

Outsole: Rubber sole with many small grooves, this helps to grip and friction well, but makes tiny stones stuck when moving in some terrain.

Softness & Midsole I wore these shoes that moved continuously for about two hours without any pain in my heels or toes. I also tried to wear shoes on the flat road and in the sand there is no difference.
Upper flexibility The shoe uses a leather material with a rather stiff nose and heels. According to me, the reason is that the brand uses si material for this part to fix and support.

In addition, when I moved for 2 hours, the instep was a bit stiff because my feet were wide, so the body of the shoe was a bit tight.

Shoe lacing system Not special and quite similar to the previous products
Size True Size 39 does not require any size adjustment. I feel the shoe size is quite comfortable.
Shoe type Lifestyle shoes, we should note that these pairs are not for jogging!
Shoe form The first time I saw this shoe form was through the brand’s BST Love. The shoes I own are not in that shoe pack, but all the details are the same.

When held and worn on my feet, I am quite impressed and appreciate the shoe this time. It can be said that these sneakers can be compared with the look of some shoes from other big brands.

Classic shoes are a bit big, but not coarse.

Test for ductility, flexibility I tried to twist and crack but it failed because the sole of the shoe was quite hard.
Color scheme I have a white color scheme, but not pure white, but with a hint of ivory
Shoe height Shoes with a heel height of about 4.3 cm help me cheat quite a lot of height.
General comment With 680,000 VND for a pair of shoes that can go to work, school or go out, it is too affordable.

Classic style combined with retro makes it easier to match. And above all, this color scheme can be combined with all different colors, clothes.

If you think shoes with lots of holes will help in ventilation, then no where I have worn them in both Saigon and Phu Quoc. However, I do not know if the weather is too hot or because of the shoes that I can hardly feel the airy on this version.

I wore them with my sportswear and even the maxi dress felt right and made no mistake at all.

Biti’s Hunter X – Retro

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Biti’s Hunter X – Retro
Price Buy at: Bitis stores and website, or on Tiki

Price: 829,000 VND for female version – 899,000 VND for male version.

Box Boxes and wrapping paper: The boxes and wrapping paper of this Retro version are not very impressive for me. Still a black Bitis Hunter box with white-orange letters highlighted above. Actually with a version with a Retro concept like this, I hope that the box will also be more special, not the OG box like this.
Technology Buffer Technology: LiteFlex

Upper part technology: LiteKnit

Tongue: Adjacent to the sock-neck upper, it’s pretty easy to put on and remove.

Insole: Antibacterial liner with 6 massage points (As mentioned above, there is no real use, just holding up and smelling it does not see foot odor =))

Outsole: “Rugged and split-structure rubber grounding base ensures the best friction on any terrain.” This is an introduction from Bitis, and after going through many different terrains as I introduced below, this outsole is quite clinging to the ground, not slippery.

Softness & Midsole Since the Bitis Hunter X versions I use only for casual wear, there is no mention of training or jogging when wearing these shoes. I used these shoes to walk on many different terrains because of that time I had to go on a business trip. From the flat city road surface to the sandy road along the coast, the forest road with a slight slope in Phu Quoc… I tried to take advantage of this shoe to see the difference and support its foot.

This time I walked quite a lot, almost walked and stood continuously for nearly 5 hours. Wearing shoes on my feet doesn’t feel uncomfortable or painful (maybe partly because I’m used to standing a lot). Overall, the buffering base in this Hunter X version is quite quiet and well supported. If the budget is not much for the shoes of international brands, I recommend you consider Bitis Hunter X.

Upper flexibility Upper technology: Due to the use of LiteKnit technology, the uppers fit comfortably on your feet, not too restrictive or uncomfortable. However, this fabric part is not really good, because after a while, I feel my legs are a bit tight and not very comfortable.
Shoe lacing system The laces connected to the cage frame on the sides extend to the back heel to help you easily adjust the shoes to better fit the foot. Since the uppers are already hugging your feet, I find the shoelaces only play a small part in fixing your feet when moving.
Size If many other Bitis pairs I have to bring up 1 size, this pair is completely true size for you. My feet usually wear sizes 24 – 24.5cm for lifestyle or casual pairs, so the fact that these shoes are absolutely the right size makes me very impressed, so I don’t have to worry and try on the right foot size.
Shoe type Casual shoes, lifestyle, note not to wear gym or jogging.
Shoe form Slim, slim, put on legs, do not get rafted or make the legs bigger.
Test for ductility, flexibility The sole is hard, not very flexible, so it cannot be bent horizontally or vertically to check.
Color scheme Due to being in the Retro collection, the shoes with the main color combination are white-red-blue, white still accounts for the most. Wearing shoes on city streets is quite good as it only goes on asphalt. When I was in Phu Quoc, I walked all kinds of terrain, so the white shoes were a bit dirty.

The upcoming rainy season in Saigon, like many other cities that carry this color scheme, is only afraid that these shoes will turn into the color of porridge in a note.

Shoe height I measure accurately, the sole of the shoe is only about 4.5cm, not to 5cm as the information Biti’s Hunter gives. However, that difference is also negligible. You can still cheat quite a bit of height when wearing these shoes on your feet.
General comment I have shared with you quite a lot of my personal feelings above. Really with the price of less than 1 million dong, you have this advantageous shoe, which is worth the investment. You can bring this pair to school, go out, still be fashionable. At the same time, bringing it to “plow hoe” or “walk” is also quite okay.

The color is so basic, so it saves a lot of work thinking about how to dress to match the shoes.

Biti’s Hunter Retro Essential Pack

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Biti’s Hunter Retro Essential Pack
Biti’s Hunter Retro Essential Pack
Price Price: 399,000 VND (On Tiki is 379,000 VND) Horizontal handle. Price: 429,000 VND (On Tiki price is 399,000 VND). Cross Straps
Box Boxes, wrapping paper: Bitis’s familiar orange box. Nothing worth discussing.
Technology Developed on the 2K18 The Evolution sneakers with the top three criteria: #CAO is better x #Soften x #COOL. Both versions sandals apply LiteFlex technology on the upper and LiteFoam on the buffer with> 40% elasticity.

In addition, according to Biti’s Hunter, these two shoes are quiet, not so smooth as when wearing sneakers.

Softness & Midsole I moved on the flat road and the sea sand and I felt quite comfortable with no pain in my heels or soles of my feet. I used this pair to go on the road and at sea (going with Phu Quoc with 2 pairs of sneakers with this Retro pack), I found it quite comfortable. However, when going long, the sole is a bit stiff, making my legs a little tired, but it does not affect much.

The base has many large slots to help me grip the ground very well, not easy to slip.

Body and strap shoe The shoe body is divided into two parts with two straps that can be adjusted depending on the foot phom.

Because the skin of my feet is a bit thin, the shoe strap for me if worn close when moving is friction and scratch. I have adjusted the straps to widen but if you move for a long time, you will still get slightly scratched, so if you have thin skin, remember this point.

The laces are divided into two layers. The large piece below is gently in direct contact with your feet. The fabric on the top of the fabric is firmer, helping to adjust the straps to fit more closely to the legs. This design is quite convenient, and comfortable for me when traveling or traveling for a long time.
Size True Size 39 Normally I wear 38, but this pair we have to bring size 39 to fit.
Shoe type Sandal Sandal shoes, casual
Shoe form With this type of sandal shoes, the design is a bit big, not slim. Since it is unisex, I also understand that such shoe design is quite perfect for both sexes. Since this version is in the men’s category, the form is quite large for girls like us. However, this shoe is quite suitable for the current trend of sandals in the world. Large form, laces many layers. I see both men and women can carry it.
Test for ductility, flexibility The base is quite flexible, I can fold it down a bit. It is not possible horizontally.
Color scheme I own the cream color scheme. My shoes will have white sole and straps combined with protein blue lining with some blue accents and pour on the straps. My shoes are blue-black as the main color. The upper sole and the inside of the shoelace body are red, so it stands out.
Shoe height Shoes with a heel height of about 3cm Cheating is about 3cm tall.
General comment Recently, the trend of sandal is quite popular with it is the opening time for the summer, so owning a pair of these sandals is quite necessary.

Talking about the quality of Biti’s sandals, I have a very high appreciation because during my junior year, I used almost exclusively from the brand. There are couples that are too old so they have to quit without having problems with spreading glue, splitting thread or anything.

Therefore, when holding these shoes in my hand, I can see that the quality only increases, not decreases.

If you regularly follow fashion news will be okay, the return of sandals versions in the fashion world. The big design and color of this sandals makes me quite like it, less hygienic than the cream color version, although at first I preferred the cream color over this color combination.

Personality girls or guys who want their feet to be more ventilated in the current hot weather, a pair of sandals is an item you cannot ignore.

The base section has a large slot so it fits better. Not as slippery as my childhood memories.

Point The score comes in large part because of the stiffness that the shoe gives to its feet. Doesn’t cause any pain but some scratches due to the mumps, but that feeling still makes me feel uncomfortable. Because it’s been a long time since I brought sandals back on, it must have been 4-5 years. Bitis still makes me maintain the same emotions and trust as when she was in elementary school, always safe and secure.



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