Detailed Review Jordan CP3.X

Detailed Review Jordan CP3.X

The Jordan CP3 shoe line built for super defender Chris Paul is no stranger to basketball players and has always been well-improved over many versions and this 10th edition CP3.X is also not Exception.

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CP3.X has a mid-top design similar to CP3.IX. The highlight here is that the shoe body is made of woven material like Jordan 29, in addition to Flywire fibers and a rubber piece wrapped around the outer cheek of the shoe body. The heel is made smaller than the previous version and the toe area is equipped with two anti-roll edges.

The Outsole is a combination of grooves and grooves called Wavedar by Jordan.


The shoes are quite hugging thanks to the Speed ​​Lacing system and the tape system that is connected to the reed. The rubber cover over the Flywire system on both sides of the foot helps the shoes to hug the feet more firmly.

The shoes fit the right size but a bit too wide. On the back of the heel is a pad that prevents slipping and feels a lot like adidas Geofit.


With its wavedar texture, the CP3.X is enough to cover all directions. Although the sole is a bit hard and thick as this sole still holds the yard very well. On dusty grounds, the grip of the shoes will decrease quite a bit, you need to wipe more often.


In the toe part is the Articulated Zoom Air system that creates a very good feeling of pitch, but the airbags are quite thin and small so it is difficult to feel the buffer. In the heel section has been improved, the Phylon layer is quieter and more bouncy than in the previous version.

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The pad absorbs force to a decent level, but the initial smoothness comes mostly from the Orhilite pads. In return, the more break-in, the quieter the CP3.X will be.

This is a suitable buffer for athletes who like the feeling of pitch and speed play, if you are a strong player with a lot of force then perhaps CP3.X is not the best choice.


The shoes support very well thanks to the plastic parts placed behind the heels, sides, and under the cast iron and the two anti-roll edges at the nose to give the shoe a solid feel and safety for the wearer.


CP3.X can be said to be a big step forward compared to its predecessor, giving people a sense of comfort to wear. If you like the feel of the pitch but have a bit of smoothness then this will be a version you want to own.

With the price of $ 120 and using a lot of advanced technology, the CP3.X is a good choice for those who need a pair of shoes with good material and durability, this is definitely not a bad choice.

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