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adidas Originals NMD has just been launched globally on December 12 as well as the product was released / launched for the first time at selected stores in Vietnam.

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A good sign is that on the first day of launch, the adidas Originals NMD has been very well received when SOLD OUT immediate price 3,990,000 VND and the number of 100 pairs is limited nationwide.


In response to the community’s expectations for the design of the adidas Originals What is the NMD? Eachshoes will devote a whole article to talk about the design philosophy of this very hot product.

1. The meaning of the name NMD.

NMD is the abbreviation of NOMAD. Nomad in English means nomads, here and there. Movement and constant mobility are traits of someone considered possessed by NOMAD.

If named NOMAD – What will you see as a nomad in the celeb industry? Do you observe who are fashion followers, those who are passionate about sneakers and fashion, see what characteristics they have?

adidas original nmds 1 2

Those are not people who are always discovering and moving a lot of stars exactly like the 3 characteristics that adidas for NOMAD include: Explore, Experience, Discover? You follow someone with quality, style, … And you sometimes admire the very strange photos and places they take and share on social networks. They are always discovering, discovering and experiencing new things and sharing them with the community.

adidas original nmds 1 4

adidas recognizes that these people are very much present in the world, whether you are famous or not. But walking, moving is one of the most human activities second only to sleep. And NOMAD – NMD was born from there.

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Minimalism – Minimalism design

Minimalism, this is a movement that originated in America and flourished in the 60s and 70s of the last century.

Minimalism in design language means the sophistication with strict calculation of modern technology, functions, user-friendly factors … in the simplest beauty.

adidas original nmds 2

NMD sneakers are minimalist in that the Upper layer does not have any accents, the subject is adorned with two pieces of blue and red plastic. The most prominent technologies from adidas are Boost and the integrated Primeknit.

Minimalism is also shown in the structure of materials when the final product is released, including: (first) Cushion sole (boost cushion) – (2) Outsole with Rubber – (3) upper Primeknit – (4) Eyelace – a pair of flexible rubber shoelaces – (5) 2 Heel-bar string bars with English – German – Japanese words with the meaning of Brand with the identity of 3 stripes – (6) In-sole embedded in Boost layer – (7) Heel- Cage – Heel guard and also serves as a heel back shoe form. – (8) 2 red and blue tassel (will be in item 3) – (9) shoelaces – this time lacing doesn’t seem essential if you want the NMD to be a slip-on sneakers.


With 9 elements to make a shoe and a Minimalism design ideology, this is the finished product adidas makes and is sure to save on cost and lead time very quickly to reach human hands. consumption.

3. History is the most powerful weapon to reinforce the current foundation.

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THE PAST EMPOWERS THE FUTURE – this is the slogan that adidas Originals said prior to the launch of this product. With 3 product lines that made adidas’ name in the running village in the 80’s 90s, including:

  1. Micropacer – launched in 1984 at the Los Angeles Olympics USA
  2. Boston Super – launched in 1985
  3. Rising Star – cool out in 1986

Many of you wonder what 2 blue and red pieces do, let’s take a look at the 3 previous Adidas running sneakers to understand.

adidas original nmds 14

1. The red piece is a high elastic U-shaped plastic frame. This is one of the very developed technologies of the 80s and 90s when this U-frame helps absorb force to the soles of the feet and prevent the shoes from being distracted too much force. Imagine running and every hit you hit is to crush the rubber on the back of your heels. So the U-shaped red piece here is a feature of the 3 previously named Adidas running sneakers. And now the U-shaped part is also an important part of this shoe. a part to help stabilize the footer and shape the heel without major deformation after a long movement.


2. The blue plastic is called Fixiertes Fuhrungselement (German) means Fixed guide element. This is also a piece of plastic to stabilize the foot form when running and is a popular technology more than 20 years ago.


So the green and red plastic was designed to be just about it. Eachshoes also photoshop to lose the red and blue plastic that people mistakenly think is #prayforparis or many of you see these 2 red and blue pieces, let’s see NMD without these two pieces ????

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4. Technology is playing an extremely important role in the fashion industry.

In the past few years, when sports technology has applied extremely strongly in the sneakers industry as well as in the fashion world. adidas is a brand that is not out of the game either.

Very simple – NOMAD in fashion is a person who takes travel first and demands a great deal of coordination.

Boost Technology – quieter and restores energy for better mobility.


Primeknit – breathable upper layer and comfortable comfort for the foot for long travel without discomfort.


Light weight helps the foot to support fatigue.

Then the adidas technology corresponds to the name that adidas Originals gives to this product. NMD – NOMAD – SHOOTER.

Here is the analysis of Eachshoes about the hottest sneakers today. And you, do you have any comments to contribute to us or any messages you recognize for the shoes would like to contribute.

Thank you.


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