Fall / Winter 2016 collection of Anti Social Social Club

Fall / Winter 2016 collection of Anti Social Social Club

Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) is one of the most developed brands in 2015/2016 with smart development steps and outstanding product quality, perhaps because of any ASSC launch. we also saw the crowd of people waiting in large numbers and the quantity of products evaporating rapidly.

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Lust for products ASSC Your refreshments will be quickly “refreshed” by the launch of the Fall / Winter 2016 collection which will take place on July 4th, and of course the main products of ASSC such as hoodies, t-shirts, cap, coach jacket, … will also appear in this batch.

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Currently, the website is temporarily closed to prepare for the launch date, that is at 10:00 pm today in Vietnam time. Prepare to wait and click shop.antisocialsocialclub.com Come on.

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