Is 2018 the year of Chunky Sneakers?

Is 2018 the year of Chunky Sneakers?

Chunky Sneakers have been creating a fever in the sneakers community as well as street fashion lovers around the world. Balenciaga It has created a huge success when this luxury & luxury fashion brand launched its Triple S product with resell prices up to over $ 2,300 depending on color scheme and size.

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For those who love sneakers, the vast majority of them like shoes that have history, story, or soft, eye-catching designs, because the materials and color combinations must be harmonious, … from a few years. ago. However, a small part is infatuated with “strange” beauty that not everyone can accept. If we talk about the majority, the first impression is bad, looks ridiculous, doesn’t look good, … but the minority are fashion lovers, fashion blogger, fashionista, fashion icons, … again. love it because it makes a huge difference in the style they pursue.

The diversity of sneakers design, especially the Chunky line of products has been developed for a long time by brands such as Nike, adidas, Puma, New Balance, … But perhaps the sneakers, footwear market can Sports do not accept such strange things. It was not until the last two years that Balenciaga made a spectacular breakthrough and formed a trend that was hype up terribly. There are many success factors in which it may be because the Balenciaga brand has a great influence in the fashion industry around the world. Combined with that is the right launch strategy at the time of Fashion Week, plus the factor that celebrities promote can not be more frantic.

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But the question arises, will this be the trend and make a lasting impact? Or just a fancy trend in the fashion footwear industry, sneakers in general?

The answer will not be able to answer without analyzing the following factors:

Is purchasing power of distributors or retailers large?

The buyers call the distributor and the retailer generally will analyze based on the sales figures and the amount sold in the past to start buying products for the next season. Prediction of distributors and retailers will be based on these two criteria to put the issue of buying goods from brands. For Balenciaga Triple S, it has proven its strength when retailers and distributors sell out within a day. There is almost no inventory and the cash flow is also very fast. These are two very important factors for a product to be hype and SOLD OUT very quickly. Thus, at present, it seems that the large purchasing power from distributors and retailers will partly affect the brand so that it can increase production sales. But also note, sometimes the brand will only produce enough quantity according to the orders and limit the number of orders for each distributor. If the quantity is so small, there will be a situation where the product will not be much in the market, creating a fever and the resell price will increase (explained in more detail in section 2)

Chunky Sneakers

Is the community growing enough and to what extent is product coverage?

The market will be divided into two types: one is the primary market and the other is the secondary market. Keep in mind, the secondary market will be collected by resellers for sneakers that have a great deal of interest from the end consumer. Sometimes, the Chunky sneakers recently released by SOLD OUT are not end users (end-consumers) buy, but because the middleman wants to “beat” to push the resell price up. On the other hand, sometimes the amount of production from the brand to the market is limited so the larger DEMAND OF SUPPLY will also create the hunt. Therefore, if the community is on a certain trend and constantly being pumped “mana” makes those sneakers boil up and appear constantly thickened by influential individuals and groups. This trend is hot at an alarming level. It can only be over a period of time that it “goes missing”. Chunky Sneakers are having a pretty good influence over the past time, at least in the next 6 months will have a big impact.

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Chunky Sneakers

Is the community “bored” by repeating these ridiculous Chunky Sneakers? It was like Yeezy was having too much coverage right now.

Certainly, if they reappear, Chunky sneakers will also become boring. Remember, these are not the sneakers of the majority and everyone will wear it. Chunky sneakers are intended for those who are knowledgeable as well as should have knowledge of fashion to coordinate outfits related. However, it is because people who are sometimes unconscious still follow the “trend” continuously and create disasters. At that time the community started to show negative signs. So “boom”, many people think that Chunky Sneakers are not something terrible to pursue, creating the opposite effect of brand communication. The boom is over, Chunky sneakers are still selling well now, and the final question is next.

Chunky Sneakers

Big brands have entered the game and countless color schemes and designs are launched from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Comme des Garcons, Vetements, McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Nike, Puma, Reebok, …

The competition to increase brand influence as well as to catch up with trends on social networks, the internet, … has begun to see the figures of giants as well as influential brands as listed. precede. These brands are really strong because of rice, bold for money, and adding towering brand reputation index, so when launched, they also create a diversity of products in the Chunky group. Therefore, this is definitely one of the opportunities for Chunky sneakers to expand the diversity and identity diversity to help this Chunky branch develop more sustainably and last longer.

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EACHSHOES hopes that this is a detailed analysis that you will gain some knowledge about, to understand how diverse sneakers culture is. Certainly in the coming time, EACHSHOES will continue to update in-depth analysis of trends, products, characters, brands, … so that you will have more new knowledge, follow us.

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Chunky Sneakers


Chunky Sneakers

Belenciaga Vs. Gucci


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