Korean famous fashion brands (Episode 1)

Korean famous fashion brands (Episode 1)

The fashion industry is one of the key economic sectors of Korea, having contributed to help the country get out of the crisis in the last years of the 20th century. With great influence, Korean fashion. is increasingly strengthening its position not only in the domestic market but also in the foreign market. With this post, Eachshoes I would like to introduce the prominent names in this highly aesthetically pleasing industry.

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99% IS

The designer from Seoul Bajowoo laid the groundwork for 99% of IS in 2013, and less than a year later, the brand was officially launched at Tokyo Fashion Week. Having received a lot of love from cult celebs such as Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and G-Dragon, 99percentis promises to be one of the prominent names of the fashion industry of the country of Kim Chi




Before it became a private label, Beslow is known for the first time as a multi-brand brand. As its name suggests, Beslow We want the wearer to be able to comfortably and slowly enjoy the fullness of each design.


BLC by Brownbreath

With the slogan “Carry the Thoughts”, BLC offers a wide range of accessories from backpacks, crossbodies, totes. As a combination of sporty and casual styles, BLC brings the distinctive color of Korean fashion in general.



Perhaps this is the best Korean brand in the production of leather jackets. Of cowhide materials and horsehair fabrics (woven of mane or ponytail), Diafvine brings a breeze full of vintage but equally generous


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Lee Jong Soo, the founder of this brand, once shared that his inspiration to build Document it is the philosophical concept of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. “Repeatability and Differentiation” – this concept has been applied by Jong Soo to all of his collections.



Father of the Eastlogue is the designer Lee Dong Ki, which is heavily influenced by vintage and military trends from the 1930s.




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