Mizuno presents Wave Rider 1’s version of “Passionate Autumn”

Mizuno Wave Rider 1 2

Mizuno Wave Rider 1

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Autumn every year seems to be associated with warm colors like saffron, different red colors like burgundy, red velvet. This fall is more brilliant with the participation of colors such as purple, pink, and light blue. The color game of fashion brands also makes it more diverse. If you pay a little attention, you will realize that all versions of shoes from the beginning of Fall until now have the main color purple. There will be an accentuation of pink, light blue. Yellow and red I don’t mention much. Because these two colors are always present in Fall items. Accompanying the pair of adidas x size? and SONRA x Budapester launched in early September. Mizuno also did not delay when releasing sneakers technical Wave Rider 1 with impressive red-yellow color scheme.

Mizuno Wave Rider 1

It can be said that this period last year, so the fashion brands are also racing fiercely with each other. You just do not update the news for an hour, and there are a series of new sneakers. I update the news so often, but I’m also a bit overwhelmed with the speed at which shoe versions are released. Most importantly, the editions are all beautiful. Really! All have extremely impressive designs and color schemes. The same is true of the Mizuno Wave Rider 1 sneakers below. Commenting objectively, it is quite attractive to me. The combination of red colors such as burgundy, chilli red and then gradually change to orange or dark yellow is extremely clever.

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Mizuno Rider 1 is expected to be released early next week. If you are interested in this Fall edition, you can order it here. Those who love chunky sneakers should consider putting them in their shoe locker. Goods “a bit hot” for this Fall. (Anyone who lives with Fire will consider buying this pair and bring it to Feng Shui).


Source: Mizuno presents Wave Rider 1’s version of “Passionate Autumn”
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