Nike Kobe AD mid detailed review

Nike Kobe AD mid detailed review

For ballers at the moment, the Nike Kobe AD is no longer a strange line of shoes since the first generation. Kobe AD shoes always bring their own characteristics and are always used by ballers from movement to professional.

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As the second generation of the AD series, the Kobe AD mid is a blend that keeps the classic and modern on a basketball shoe. In addition to giving me the familiar design of the predecessor Kobe series, AD mid performance is always appreciated.

I. Design, materials

Possessing the elegant design inherent from the previous Kobe series, the Kobe AD mid still never disappoints baller aesthetics when worn on their feet.

The material on the AD mid is somewhat different from today’s Kobe when Nike decided to use padded leather on the shoes. In addition, this material makes the shoes more solid but also makes the Kobe AD mid a fashionable shoe to wear on the street.

With the mid-neck section being cut as short as possible compared to other mid-neck shoes (Kyrie 4), it becomes one of the most flexible mid-neck shoes so far (2019).

Along with the mid-neck section is cut and the padded leather material makes the shoe both flexible with good protection and support for the wearer.

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II. Hug / Fit, comfort

Like other Kobe shoes, the Nike Kobe AD mid fit is the right size, the foot-hugging shoes are almost perfect.

The combination of the Flywires cable, along with the thin padded leather, makes the shoe always hugging the leg since the start.

For those with a small heel like me, the heel is not really tight, making my heel constantly move inside (but not too worrying).

III. Traction / Traction

Having good grip is always strong on the Kobe and AD mid series is no exception, with the combination of keeping soft, deep-cut lines and the heat chart of the foot giving the shoe a grip. effective omnidirectional.

In addition, the version I am using is the version to gum, which makes the shoes have a good grip on all sides of the yard from wooden floors to rough yard surfaces like Phu Tho (HCMC).

Gravel particles and dust get trapped after an outdoor game

Although the gum soles material helps the sole of the shoe to last longer, the durability is still a very limited point, with soft soles it will be difficult to meet for those who need to use plowing in surfaces. outdoor courts especially in concrete yards for a long time.

IV. Buffer / Cushion

Still a familiar combination from two famous Nike cushions, Full Length Lunarlon and Zoom Air at the heel, so familiar from the Kobe X generation still did not disappoint.

The versatility and feel of the Lunarlon buffer makes my sudden acceleration and direction changes more smooth, plus the cushion’s smoothness contributes to added smoothness. on the heel of my every step

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The Zoom AIr at the heel is Lunarlon wrapped

The Zoom Air at the heel does a great job of combining shock absorbers with Lunarlon but also enhances the feel of the pitch in the heel. Although this airbag is very thick at the heel, it is a bit difficult to feel.

By combining two of Nike’s state-of-the-art foot cushioning technologies, the Kobe AD mid buffer will be the right choice for both the outer and inner ring players.

V. Support / Support

With the use of thin but firm leather padding, the Kobe AD mid has just given the bearer a certainty that is not inferior to his predecessor, but with a lot more comfort. However, the downside of this material is that the air is only moderate, making your feet feel difficult and the shoes are slightly damp after stressful matches.

The use of Lunarlon cushions makes the cushions a bit soft, and to overcome that, the outsole is pulled up to give the shoe the extra stability needed to keep ankle flipping down to a dark level. minimal.

BECAUSE. Conclude

The Nike Kobe AD mid carries almost all the advantages of its predecessor Kobe lines with its immaculate leg-hugging ability, plus the cushion is smooth, stable and responsive, and designed. The mid-neck is cut down to help balance the shoe between protection and flexibility.

Although there are some durability problems in the outsole and the ability to escape is not really good, with the upgrade and overcoming of the disadvantages compared to the first AD version, Kobe AD Mid deserves to be one of the the most stylish and sturdy Kobe couples.


(Vu Thai Duong)

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