Nike Kobe Mentality 3 Latest Images

Kobe Mentality 3
Kobe Mentality 3

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Kobe Mentality is currently the most popular low-cost outdoor shoe line with excellent performance on the price and beautiful design. Here EACHSHOES would like to send you the latest pictures Nike Kobe Mentality 3.

Kobe Mentality 3 Kobe Mentality 3


The upper of Mentality 3 is still made of a pretty good material, fabric Flyweave (rebranded from Performance Woven in Jordan XX9) reinforced by in-position heat-laminated material. In addition, the texture of the 3 version is also slightly different from the 2 and has some small details such as the reed and the area around the first two piercing holes. Although the materials are similar, initial ideas are that the shoelaces of Mentality 3 are better than the second version.

The soles that cover the toes are quite high, which also makes the shoes more solid. Otherwise, the construction of the shoe is quite simple, with a heel block hidden in the fabric and the outsole wider than usual.

Kobe Mentality 3


Mentality 3’s cushion is probably still there Lunarlon – a fairly stable and lightweight material to replace the less durable Lunarfoam and less sensitive Phylon. Although the shape has changed, maybe the cushioning of Mentality 3 is no different from the previous two versions.

Kobe Mentality 3 Nike also designed more grooves on the lining to prevent feet from getting slippery when sweating

Kobe Mentality 3 The bottom of the pad has many pentagonal convex protrusions


The biggest and most confusing difference is that the sole has been completely changed, from the almost perfect herringbone pattern from Mentality 2 to an upgraded form of Kobe XI. Although the quality and grip may not be worse, this new soles guarantee less durable if playing outdoor.

Kobe Mentality 3 The combination of herringbone and the base of Kobe XI


Price of Kobe Mentality 3 will be around $ 100 like the previous two versions. Perhaps only this year the shoes will be released worldwide. However, you can buy it now Coconut Store with prices over 2 million. At the same time, don’t forget to choose your favorite color and comment EACHSHOES Know it.

Kobe Mentality 3 Kobe Mentality 3 Kobe Mentality 3 Kobe Mentality 3

Kobe Mentality 3 SNKRVN

Image provided by Coconut Store.


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