Nike suddenly launched the Air Max 200 in Gold / Red University color scheme

Everyone has this nice Air Max 1 pair. The new Air Max 90, 95 or 97 has a super virtual color scheme. But I bet that 99.9% of the commenters are interested or paying attention to the Air Max 200. The version can be said to be the latest in Nike’s Air Max family. Only the first images were released earlier this month, but the Air Max 200 did not disappoint its brothers. Just came out with color schemes “World Stage 1992”, shoes made community comment. And with the “Gold / Red University” color scheme below, I think the shoes are getting more attention.

Looking through the pictures below you will see that the shoes are different from other Air Maxs. Although it is new, the chunky style is a bit boring and does not have much attraction to me. Compared with a series of shoes with chunky designs released in the past, the Air Max 200 is slightly underdog. Uppers are a combination of multi-materials such as mesh, nubuck, and rubber. Of course, the Air unit is indispensable in this midsole version.

Nike Air Max 200

What I like most about this Air Max 200 can be said is just the Gold / Red color scheme that goes together extremely well. The black mesh fabric keeps interwoven with the nubuk gold or red patches to create a softer and more flexible shoe. This version is expected to release early in the last week of July. You can order it here for 120 USD offline.


Source: Nike suddenly launched the Air Max 200 in Gold / Red University color scheme