Palladium Monochrome – Breakout in Streetstyle


Palladium – A fashion brand is not inferior in age when placed on par with other leading big men like Nike, Converse, adidas good Saucony… Different from the trend towards sports products like other big brands, Palladium Focus on the product line again Boots fashion to bring newness and difference to the market at that time.11181738_883267458426098_3274700644387751292_n

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Than 65 year of development, Palladium It has made many hearts fall in love with its ageless beauty and convenience in choosing costumes outfit daily. In addition, how to color Canvas and Leather same base set Rubber Specially designed and durable, tough is also a distinctive feature that people always mention Palladium.

In October, you will continue to receive new and more fancy colors from the Fall Winter 2015 collection of the brand. Palladium in named collection “Monochrome” with 3 main colors are White – Gray and Burgundy Red. SNKR Vietnam invite you to see the collection “Monochrome” join us over the set Lookbook The following.

_MG_2463 _MG_2889 _MG_2613

_MG_2923 _MG_2566 _MG_2466


Source: Palladium Monochrome – Breakout in Streetstyle

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