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Yeezy – what does the name remind you of?

When you mention Yeezy, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? According to a survey conducted by the writer himself, an average of 3.2 out of 5 people will think of the word “OFF”. Some other answers include:

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  • “Bad/negative” (not worth the money),
  • “Nice/positive /my dream” (fits many different outfits)
  • “What is Yeezy?”

In short, up to 64% think Yeezy is expensive. Of course, the writer’s survey still has many limitations. But it does show that in the minds of users, Yeezy-branded sneakers come at a premium. However, it is easy to see that for nearly a year, the price of many Yeezy color schemes is falling dramatically. Now, from having to camp for a few days to own any color scheme, you can completely leisurely drive to a number of outlets in the US to copy a couple, specifically at This is the adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 “Sesame”. Do a simple calculation, from the original adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Turtledove with resell up to $ 1200, to the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter which is under retail at $ 215 (

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So why is the price of this product line dropping so dramatically?


Why is Yeezy expensive?

Before joining adidas, Kanye West worked with Nike, and this is where Yeezy’s name got its momentum to become a famous brand as it is today. Kanye’s name, the story he created for Yeezy, plus the media power from the Nike brand, turned Nike Air Yeezy. Nike The Air Yeezy 2 became the most expensive sneakers of all time. Since then, the Yeezy brand has become something of a luxury.

Yeezy discounts

It is easy to see the terrible price of all 3 color schemes on the Nike Air Yeezy 2, both at over $ 2,500 USD (nearly 60 million) for a pair of shoes. The reason for this horrible price tag is probably due to the very limited number Nike releases for each model. The swoosh’s strategy was clear at the time: use Yeezy’s name to create a product of value, expected, then release in extremely limited quantities, pushing up the resell price. towering, thereby polishing the name for Nike in a very natural way.

However, this also caused a conflict between Nike and Kanye West; Kanye then took off her shirt and joined adidas in June 2016.

Kanye joined adidas to “nationalize Yeezy”

Kanye West and adidas

That’s right, Kanye West once shared that he wanted “Yeezy for everyone” (Yeezy for everyone). That is also the reason why Kanye abandoned Nike to adidas. Because of that, about the first 6 to 7 color schemes, adidas and Kanye released the “Cream White” color scheme in large numbers, contributing to reducing the resell price of this color scheme from 700 – 800 USD to 350 – 400. USD (down near ½).

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yeezy discounts

Since then, Yeezy’s number in the market has steadily increased. This brings two more factors to the price of this sneakers: too many color schemes on shelves and the boring design that Kanye brings. Specifically, in 2018, there were nearly 20 Kanye-designed versions released, including 350 V2, 500 and 700 (excluding Calabasas). Aside from the appeal and freshness that the 500 and 700 have to offer, sneakerheads are pretty much boring with what Kanye is showing off in the easy-going design on many recent 350 V2 models.

Rare level of yeezy boost 350 v2

What is the future for the Yeezy line?

Indeed, the current price of adidas Yeezy is hurting Kanye fans in particular and adidas in general. However, good news for all of us, the recently released Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 “Static” is showing signs of “bright”. With a trendy and unique transparent design, combined with a reflective upper and the quantity of course is very limited. As a result, today’s prices for color schemes are priced at more than $ 1000 – a very high price for any 350 V2 color scheme today.

adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 "static"

Yes, with just a slight move of adidas and Kanye, everything has changed compared to the “meager” situation of the 350 V2 this year. Therefore, it can be hoped that Kanye’s dream of “nationalizing Yeezy” will be curbed by adidas, and there will still be extremely limited editions to help keep the value of this household brand as it is today. .

To conclude, we are clearly losing faith in products designed by Kanye today. But if the belief in the uniqueness of Kanye West’s design philosophy, as well as my loyalty to adidas still exist, take advantage of this occasion, copy yourself a Yeezy version at a reasonable price. physical. Maybe just next year, adidas and Kanye will kick off with a completely unexpected design, in very limited quantities, pushing prices up again and once again stirring up the sneakerhead community. all around the world.

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