20 things you might not know about Supreme

20 things you might not know about Supreme

It must be said that nowadays, in the fashion field, few brands can make a big impact like Supreme. Products with this label, whether self-produced, collab or even its fake versions, have always attracted the attention of “hobbyists” and fashion followers around the world. it is this crazy need that entails many stories, rumors and mysteries about the history of the brand.

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Supreme was founded by James Jebbia in 1994. Jebbia is a rather quiet person and it seems the attraction lies here. There are many things Supreme doesn’t want its fans to know. But the truth is the truth, and it always spreads. So, with EACHSHOES, learn 20 mysteries about Supreme, you probably do not know.

1. James Jebbia is essentially English, although he was born in America. He lived in England until 19 years old.

2. James Jebbia opened the Union NYC store in 1989. He even contributed to the founding of Stussy NYC in 1991 and worked there before founding Supreme.

3. As a young man, Jebbia learned about the retail industry from Eddie Cruz of Parachute, who later became Undefeated founder.

4. In 1994, James spent $ 12,000 USD (~ 260 million) to create Supreme.

5. The Supreme logo is designed largely based on the poster of Barbara Kruger.

6. The font used on the logo is Futura Heavy Oblique.

7. The Supreme store design in NYC is somewhat airy and wider. That is why the skaters can windsurf comfortably.

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8. Gio Estevez is the first employee of Supreme.

9. The first surfers Supreme used as his ambassador included Ryan Hickey, Justin Pierce, Gio Estevez, Peter Bici, Mike Hernandez, Jones and Chris Keefe, Loki and Paul Leung.

10. James Jebbia was an actor as a child. He played the role of Thomas Watson in the BBC television series “Grange Hill”.

11. Calvin Klein filed a lawsuit against Supreme when it put its logo on Kate Moss’s advertising poster.

12. James Jebbia does not actually own the brand “Supreme” because he cannot trademark it.

13. Supreme’s distinctive logo with a striking “E” was inspired by contemporary designer Andre Courreges, who brought mini-skirts to the public in 1965.

14. Supreme’s motion logo was inspired by the similarity of Goodfellas, designed by Saul Bass in 1990.

15. Supreme Japan used to make this t-shirt in 1999.

16. James Jebbia shared that Supreme products will never be released “limited”. However, he never produces too much because he doesn’t want inventory.

17. Supreme used to produce its own shoe: Down Low in 2001.

18. By 2012, James Jebbia’s brand was worth up to $ 40 million USD (~ 880 billion).

19. In 2003, Supreme had the intention to launch a low-neck version of the Nike Dunk. However, it later failed due to the inability to negotiate with Nike.

20. It wasn’t until 2009 that Supreme’s first lookbook was made.


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