Another adidas NMD City Sock 2 color appears

adidas is making sneaker players “overwhelmed” by dozens of NMD releases this April. Besides versions like XR1, NMD_R2 that Eachshoes has previously updated, the “3-card” house continues to reveal another color scheme for NMD City Sock 2.

This is a version with a quite simple appearance, but makes others surprised when looking at the inside cheek of the shoe. Floating out of the black primeknit body is eye-catching pink stripes. It is possible for some sneakerheads that this detail is outstanding, but others still prefer to maintain the minimalistic look of black / white tones.

There is no official release date yet. Also this April, adidas will launch the NMD City Sock 2 “Ronin Pack” duo, you can check out right here.


Source: Another adidas NMD City Sock 2 color appears