Cole Haan 3.ZERØGRAND – The future is here for us

The 21st century – the century of modernity. Modern in technology, modern in dressing, and by extension, it’s the modernity of lifestyle. Nowadays, people are not too focused on the complicated things around. Instead, they focus on convenience, simplicity, comfort but still full of the modernity of this century. And today, EACHSHOES will give you a brand name, which modernity, style as well as comfort are present in each line of the product. That is Cole Haan.

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Founded in 1928 in Chicago and headquartered in New York, Cole Haan is a brand of footwear and accessories for both men and women. For the majority of shoe lovers and with a certain amount of knowledge about shoes, Cole Haan is for them, a high fashion icon. In 2017, this brand also entered the top 10 most innovative businesses in 2017, voted by Fast Company magazine.

As a global brand, not only trendy, Cole Haan is also known for the quality of the products through the materials and the application of their most innovative technologies in each product for men. and female. Throughout his history, Cole Haan has been committed to delivering meticulous craftsmanship, timeless styling and innovative design. With typical lifestyle influences in New York – one of the largest cities in the world, Cole Haan products are the choice for those who are looking for themselves through fashion. Modern page with technology and design, yet retaining classicism, elegance and, most importantly, comfort.

For those who do not know, Cole Haan is a brand that always focuses on the technological aspect of its products. First can be mentioned ZERØGRAND, is the most impressive shoe product line of Cole Haan in the past few years because of the delicate combination between modern technology and classic and luxurious craftsmanship. But on top of that, the shoes didn’t reduce comfort at all. In addition, ZERØGRAND also includes a line of leather shoes that apply exclusive Grand.ØS technology, giving the user flexibility and a light and smooth feeling when used. This is the lightest shoe that this brand has launched, and is also their most famous shoe line.

For Cole Haan, style, technology and comfort are the top three criteria of the brand. Our bodies, literally, have hundreds of muscle bundles, vessels, intended to control our joints, bones, and organs. They are like a great machine. And Grand.ØS (Grand Operating System) is the operating system for that “machine”, with the aim of creating compactness, comfort, and flexibility for the feet – what supports the whole body.

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Besides Grand.ØS, Cole Haan also resonates with the material shoes StitchLite in the knit upper part, a milestone that any brand dreams of. The upper part includes a multitude of cleverly distributed small holes that create a unique decorative pattern, as well as helping to release air and reducing the feeling of tunneling and squash when worn. And these technologies of Cole Haan all serve the needs of consumers looking for comfortable shoes.

THE FUTURE IS HERE – And 3.ZERØGRAND is that, a breakthrough on all three criteria: comfort, modern technology and trendy style. 3.ZERØGRAND focuses on creating a unique experience – running from heel to toe – with the flexibility and smoothness that the cushion provides, as well as the light weight that the shoes come. from this BST owns. All of which make up a breakthrough 3.ZERØGRAND in style, technology and most especially comfort.


“Since the introduction of ZERØGRAND to the public in July 2014, we have been steadily advancing in design and technology to create the most perfect shoe for today’s people. People who have a need for fashion but also require comfort and convenience ”, said David Maddocks, Marketing Director & General Manager of Business Development at Cole Haan.

Still renowned Grand.ØS technology. However, we can see that the difference comes from the structure of the buffer. First, underneath the upper, will be a GRAND.ØS iconic class of Cole Haan, tasked with providing foot support, providing comfort, flexibility as well as fixed placement of parts on it. . This material is the main character of the shoe, providing support whenever the foot needs it.

Located underneath, will be a full-length multi-point foam cushioning, which improves the weight of the shoe. The ridges on the underside of this area create grip for the feet, as well as comfort for the wearer. In addition, the location and design of the cushion also has a great effect on the feet when moving. This cushion also helps improve the weight of the shoe.

Finally, there are two rubber pods that are part of the GRAND.ØS system on the heels and toes. Their main use is anti-slip resistance. Most impressive, it provides traction and support from the middle of the foot to the heel, increases flexibility of the toes, creating a comprehensive experience for consumers. These innovative functional elements, coupled with the manual methods already used, are a new step in Cole Haan’s success in making shoes in a non-traditional way.

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“What we love about 3.ZERØGRAND’s design is that they keep the same core, which makes ZERØGRAND an icon of Cole Haan in particular and the footwear industry in general. They break the stereotypes about dress codes in every situation, from work, on normal days to weekends. ” Cole Haan’s Creative Director, Scott Patt, said.

At first glance, the first impression of the shoe is its stylish and classic look. And also that has inadvertently caused those who do not know to have mixed thoughts about comfort. Until they turned to the Grand.ØS buffer these stereotypes immediately changed.

With the Grand.ØS cushioning system, Cole Haan excelled at the task of delivering a smooth experience in a very different way. When the foot is inserted into the shoe, the insole with the multi-point foam padding underneath immediately creates a sufficient elasticity for the foot, while the area around the foot is fixed by the Grand.ØS section. And this feature helps the feet stay comfortable all day long. And it is this feature that completes the original purpose of Cole Haan – a shoe that can be used anytime, anywhere, and most importantly, they fit any outfit. .

It can be said that 3.ZERØGRAND is a shoe for those who love to play with simplicity. This is one of the traits that Cole Haan has always been proud of and has tried to maintain since its early days. For Cole Haan, the Grand.ØS system is a unique solution for people looking for comfort in the way of dressing, from clothes to shoes. Besides, this system is also fabricated based on the active functions of men and women. In other words, Grand.ØS is a part of the user’s body.


Up to now, there have always been articles and pages making claims that fashion and technology cannot go hand in hand. But Cole Haan asserted the opposite. With the men’s version, the first impression is that we cannot distinguish whether these are shoes or sneakers. At least the gray version is quite recognizable. In the rest of the colors, the shoes are exactly like a pair of western shoes. However, if we continue to dig deeper, these shoes feature Grand.ØS technology in the cushioning. With this approach by Cole Haan, we can see that they are trying to overcome the initial prejudice that a pair of shoes cannot provide comfort, and that a pair of sneakers cannot deliver comfort. mature.

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Until now, Cole Haan always put the quality of products first. In the men’s version, the upper is made of nylon, which is combined with the leather, creating comfort for the feet. Meanwhile, the female version is made from one-piece suede material, giving the shoe a seamless look.

In addition, leather is used on other parts of these two versions, such as the inner lining. The insole part is equipped with a foam night layer, bringing comfort to the feet, increasing elasticity, absorbing force when moving.


This shoe model includes two versions for men and women. And EACHSHOES had a chance to experience the female version from Cole Haan. With the above impressive points, the shoes also carry some disadvantages, though not large, but also need to keep an eye on. In the female version, the suede upper and white padding are easy to get dirty, especially when the weather becomes humid. In addition, the suede on women’s shoes after a period of use becomes loosened at the neck.

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With a fresh and youthful look, coupled with the smoothness that Grand.ØS buffers provide, the 3.ZERØGRAND version is an ideal choice for those looking for a modern look in style. and comfortable to move.

Currently, shoe models are available at Cole Haan Vietnam stores with two versions for men and women. More information can be found at or go directly to the store system to experience the reality of the product.

Addresses of Cole Haan stores:
– TP. Ho Chi Minh:

Diamond Plaza – 2nd Floor, 34 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Telephone: 0919 390 465

Takashimaya – Floor B1 and 3, 65 Le Loi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Telephone: 0919 392 715 – 0919 395 562

Cresent Mall – Ground Floor, 101 Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu Ward, District 7

Telephone: 028 5413 8829

Vincom Center Landmark 81 – Ground floor, Vinhomes Central Park, 772 Dien Bien Phu (208 Nguyen Huu Canh), Ward 22, Binh Thanh

Telephone: 0919 381 941

– Hanoi:

Vincom Ba Trieu – Floor 2, 191B Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung District

Telephone: 024 6254 1547

Lotte Department Store – 2nd Floor, 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh District

Telephone: 024 3237 3458

Outlet Vincom Royal City – B1 Floor, 72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan District

Telephone: 024 6260 5595

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