adidas POD-S3.1 – When past and future become one

adidas POD-S3.1

when the adidas Not using the Boost padding for their lifestyle products recently, the futuristic sneakers version is called POD-S3.1, bringing this famous cushion back with a new shape. With the trend of combining past and future, this sneaker version applies a design from one of the old versions of adidas, for example, the cult … Read more

I love ugly – Past and Future

I love ugly - Past and Future

New Zealand’s No. 1 fashion brand, I Love Ugly just released their latest lookbook “Generations” With the aim of directing young people to find their own goals, confidently follow their desires and aspirations. I love Ugly want to use their ability to inspire, to help awaken their own potentials comfortably and without force. It is … Read more

Shiftwear with shoes that want to change the future

Shiftwear with shoes that want to change the future

The portal to the future is gradually opening up for the immediate future with extremely smart applications and technologies, including technology firms. Shiftwear same application Smart Sneaker – My smart shoes.Stories like custom or drawing on your own shoes is too normal, try to be more creative and aspiring: a shoe that can easily change … Read more

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