Does wearing tights help you to play sports better?

Does wearing tights help you to play sports better?

Surely if you’re a sports enthusiast, or better yet, playing a sport every week, you won’t be able to ignore Compression Tight – also known as tights, or tights. Most of us think that in addition to being nice or cool, this type of accessory has a certain effect on our movement, helping the athlete run faster, jump higher or have strength. more durable. However, unfortunately the following information will disappoint you, and want to throw all kinds of tights in the trash (although their prices are not cheap).

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According to a recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine, using Compression Tight doesn’t help us improve our performance in athletic matches. Ajit Chaudhari – who has extensive experience in physiotherapy at Ohio State University and his colleagues used two of the most modern tights from sports brands and tested over 20 athletes under 3 conditions: to wear shorts, wear knee-tight pants and ankle-length tights. And no matter what type of pants the athletes wore, the results made no difference.

Compression tight is a accessory that helps to hold the muscles as well as the muscles from being vibrated too much while the animal. This is thought to minimize the likelihood of a muscle or tendon injury. With specialized equipment to test movement, Chaudhari measured the vibration level of an athlete’s calf when he ran, and Chaudhari claims that wearing tights reduces muscle vibrations during play. sport. However, he asserts that there is still no evidence that muscle loss will lead to motor injury.

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“What we found was that after the 30-minute full speed test, compression tightness didn’t have any effect at all,” Chaudhari shared. “I think this will be a surprise for those who look forward to assistance wearing tights. Obviously the whole team could not find any evidence of improvement while playing sports ”.

Surprisingly, this experiment was done with the sponsorship of Nike – a brand with a wide variety of tights. A Nike representative shared that this experiment helps the company to have a better view of the actual needs of the athletes, thereby giving out products that are really useful to consumers.

I don’t know how this research will help Nike in improving its products, but surely many consumers will immediately drop the idea of ​​buying tights until “the swoosh” or any other label. products that introduce a new and more useful technology.


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