Converse x BARO – When the traditional Nhat Binh shirt is combined with modern sneakers

Converse x BARO “Nhat Binh”

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8,500,000 VND

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BARO with meticulously embroidered or hand-painted versions of Converse is no stranger to sneakerheads in the community. Unlike other custom sneakers in today’s market, BARO draws inspiration mainly from traditional Vietnamese cultures and arts to adorn familiar classic shoes. The version below is also not out of this case. According to the information posted, the design is based on the Nhat Binh treasure of Duc Tu Cung – Doan Huy – the last queen of the Vietnamese monarchy.

Converse x BARO “Nhat Binh”

This shirt can be seen as a way to commemorate 90 years of her life associated with Hue Imperial City. Her great contributions to Cao Dai religion in particular and Vietnamese Buddhism in general. Maybe many of you do not know, the Chief Emperor of Nhat Binh is the dress dedicated to the Hau in the Nguyen Dynasty. This shirt is classified as “Ordinary clothes” – just one step below the highest ceremony – Phung Cell. The real image below of this shirt is the clearest proof for a golden age, the pinnacle of Vietnamese royal art. Honestly, BARO always makes others feel amazed and amazed by the thorough understanding of the culture, history and passion of this team.

Real photo on right by Hoang Vi

When you view in more detail every image on BARO’s page, each document, image, inspiration is clearly annotated. You will learn more about this traditional costume in Vietnamese history. BARO x Converse “Nhat Binh” is part of the exhibition “Present from the Past” in Sydney, Australia. Thoroughly researching the shoe version below, the pattern designs are carefully drawn, with a high degree of perfection compared to BARO’s previous products.

Although it is optimized to match the size of the shoes, BARO’s team strives to give the best details based on the original Nhat Binh shirt. From the form, the characteristic hot tone color scheme of King Bao Dai period art is clearly shown on shoe uppers. You can pre-order this version from now on here at the price of 8,500,000 VND. In my opinion, it is quite cheap with such a large investment.

BARO x ConverseBARO x Converse


Source: Converse x BARO – When the traditional Nhat Binh shirt is combined with modern sneakers