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Wearing the right work boots will ensure your feet’ safety during working in hazardous environments. But if you wear too many tight-fitting boots, that will make you uncomfortable and even cause pain on your feet.

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So, you should always wear comfortable and durable footwear. Unfortunately, sometimes new work boots could be very tight to wear, causing pain in your legs until you stretch them.

Stretching is one of the useful ways to make your tight boots comfortable to wear. There are different ways to stretch your work boots. We will let you know some effortless methods that will help you stretch your work boots in this context.

Why Will You Need To Stretch Work Boots?


Usually, new work boots can be too stiff that can squeeze your toes. As a result, you may experience uncomfortable wearing the boots, which sometimes causes your feet pain. Besides, if the boots’ material is too thick, it can take a long time to break-in, and sometimes they never do.

Again, wearing stiff boots will lead to serious problems for those who have flat feet. Even sometimes, it can cause tears in the posterior tibial tendon. In that case, choosing the right work boots for flat feet will help to absorb any impact.

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Additionally, you can lose the stiffness of your work boots by stretching them. This way, you can make your work boots feel comfortable to wear. Wearing such work boots supports you to stay on your feet for a longer time.

How to Stretch Work Boots


Wearing stiff work boots can be harmful to your feet. By stretching the boots, you can make them comfortable. That’s why here we have demonstrated some easiest methods to stretch your work boots.

Stretch The Work Boots With A Hair Dryer

First, pull the insoles from your work boots. If the boots are constructed with thick soles, avoiding this process will be a good choice. Take a hairdryer with a high heat option and warm up the boots. At this stage, you need to be careful that the heat does not get on you.

Once the boots are warm, wear both boots with thick socks if the boots are too tight. The socks will give extra padding between the rough fabric and your skin. Now set the hairdryer on high heat again and warm the boots until you feel them begin to lose up. Once the boots are loose, keep them for a few minutes before wearing them on.

Using a Boot Stretcher

It is one of the simplest ways to stretch your work boots. First, you have to remove the boot’s insole. If the soles are not removable, cut them. Now place one end of the boot stretcher on the toe of the boot. Stretch the boot at a 90-degree angle so that the boot stretcher gets properly inside it. Repeat this procedure with the heel part of your work boot. Once the stretch is finished, wear the stretched boot to check whether it is comfortable. Stretch another boot following the same process.

Freezing The Work Boots

Freezing your boots is also the easiest way to stretch the boots and make them comfortable to wear. Check out the steps below to stretch your work boots through freezing.

  • First, remove the insoles from your work boots and store them in a moisture-free area.
  • Now put both the boots into the freezer for a night. The cold temperature will cause the boots to shrink slightly to make them looser.
  • Once the boots are finished freeing, remove them from the fridge and wear them for a few hours. This way, the boots will heat up to the average temperature.
  • After that, take the boots off again and put the insoles inside the boots. You can repeat the process until you don’t feel comfortable.
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Using Rubber Bands

Using rubber bands is another easy way to stretch out your work boots. With this method, you just have to wrap rubber bands inside the boots. The rubber bands will help loosen up the boots’ materials and make more room for your feet. Follow the below steps for using this method:

  • Take an old pair of socks, and pull them on over your work boots.
  • Now using a large rubber band, wrap around the wide part of the boot.
  • Repeat this process until your work boots are completely covered. That way, you will feel comfortable wearing boots.

Using Dryer Bags

You can also stretch your work boots using dryer bags. It is one of the affordable ways to make your boots comfortable to wear. You will find dryer bags at most grocery stores, drug stores, and department stores. First, remove the insoles from your work boots if they are removable.

After that, place both boots in a dryer and allow drying for a few hours. Remove the boots from the dryer bag so that the boots do not shrink or change color. A boot stretching spray designed for this purpose can also be used. You can follow this method instead of gradually stretching your boots over time.

How Long Will It Take For Work Boots To Stretch?

Every pair of work boots will stretch differently. This is because not all boots are constructed with the same materials. If the material is inflexible, it will be challenging to stretch the boots. Most quality boots require one to three days of continuous wear to be wearable. Wearing the new boots for the first time, you may feel sore on your feet.

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But after a few days, the boots will begin to soften and be comfortable to wear. If the boots still pain your feet after continuous wear, try to wear thick socks as cushioning. This will let your boots stretch quickly. However, wearing boots with ties properly also helps to prevent experiencing discomfort.

How Much Can Stretch Your Work Boots?

Usually, work boots are constructed with leather materials. For that, these boots can be stretched about a quarter boot size. In some cases, the stretching depends on different factors, including:

  • Type of boots materials
  • Age of the boots
  • Elasticity level of the boots’ materials

However, you need to figure out how much your foot will need to stretch from side to side to your boots. The good thing is leather boots eventually form a width for your feet for continuous wearing. If you need extra wide for your feet, you should purchase a big pair of work boots.


Wearing too many tight boots will make you uncomfortable. Sometimes it can cause severe injuries to your feet. So, stretching will be the easiest way to make your tight boots comfortable. This way, you will not experience any discomfort or pain on your feet.

However, you might have seen that stretching your work boots is not a difficult task. You can adopt any of the techniques explained above to lose your work boots. Remember overstretching can make your boots’ materials deteriorate.

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