Review adidas Trae Young1 – Will this be a super product worth buying?

Review adidas Trae Young1 – Will this be a super product worth buying?

Review adidas Trae Young1 – Will this be a super

After all, adidas Trae Young1 has been officially introduced by the “3 Stripes” to the baller world recently. With so many opinions surrounding the sneakers and the $140 price tag for the first generation of “Curry II” shoes, here are some Kicks Geeks comments for Trae Young 1.

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adidas’ Trae Young 1 possesses an extremely smooth, elegant design thanks to the use of a seamless shoe body without a removable tongue (bootie) – a design that is quite suitable for most defender shoes.

A special feature on Trae Young 1 is that the shoes only have 2 laces pulled from the instep of the foot, the use of a rather shallow shoelace system, so the lockdown ability of the entire shoe will depend on depends mostly on the material and bootie design of the shoes.

In addition, by removing all the laces at the toe of the shoe, the Trae Young 1 will optimize mobility and create a comfortable feeling in the toe.


Boardroom on Twitter: "Trae Young in the '96 Atlanta Olympics-inspired Adidas Trae Young 1 today. (via @NickDePaula)… "

The buffer on the Trae Young 1 is a bright spot of the shoe with a combination of the two most advanced adidas materials at the moment, Lightstrike and Boost.

The Lightstrike part At the toe of the shoe will take on the job of helping the wearer feel the ground more easily and smoothly, besides this cushion also acts as a cage to help stabilize the Boost part at the back of the heel instead. because it is superimposed as much of the previous information.

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The fact that adidas uses the Lightstrike part as a cage instead of using a TPU cage helps Trae Young’s shoes to minimize the weight required.


The sole on the Trae Young 1 is quite special when adidas uses 3 different textures including: herringbone pattern on the toe, the grooves on the sole of the foot and finally the circular ridges on the heel.

In addition, Trae Young 1 will have good dust resistance thanks to the fact that the lines are not too rubbed together, so the ability to grip the floor of this set is very promising on dusty surfaces.

With the toe using herringbone pattern and having a certain thickness, it will become extremely friendly for rough surfaces, but the point to note in this sole is that the veins on the heel are quite thin and will be damaged. wears out very quickly if the heel is used a lot.


With the Lightstrike midsole designed to be thicker and pulled up to the upper part combined with the padded leather, helping to keep the feet fixed in the shoes is the strong point on Trae Young 1.

But a rather ominous point on this shoe is that the collar is somewhat lower than other shoes of the same design. And Trae Young 1’s ability to support ankles is quite ominous when Trae Young herself constantly has to wear ankle guards even during her practice sessions.


Trae Young 1 will be a shoe suitable for defenders with a flexible playing style like Trae Young, the strength of the shoe is the comfort that goes with the ability to absorb and feel the ground well, then this is worth it. This is one of the most anticipated shoes from adidas this year. However, the ability to support and protect the ankles on the shoes is still not really used, making the wearer feel safe when wearing. This is only the first generation of Ice Trae shoes, so we can hope that in later versions the shoes can overcome the current weaknesses in this first version.

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