Is Legit really necessary in the sneaker world?

Is Legit really necessary in the sneaker world?

Let’s find out: Is Legit really necessary in the sneaker world?

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In the sneakerhead or hypebeast world, legit is really a basic vocabulary that everyone must know. What is Legit? Why do you have to know what to do when you play shoes? Let EACHSHOES learn more about “you” from this vocabulary.

What is Legit?

In Vietnamese terms, legit is known as charisma. According to the sneakerhead world, Legit is a product that is evaluated as a real product by the product’s standards. These are just products. What about humans? Reputable buyers are reputable buyers. Ask and buy, don’t over-download and deceive. Moreover, reputable sellers are those who sell real products and do not trick buyers. In big sneaker events like Sneakercon, we always have legit people checking for sneakerheads. The famous legit checker in the world is known as Yeezy Busta and Fake_education.

Legit Checker

Yeezy Busta

He is a well-known legit checker in the sneakerhead world. He is familiar with many other YouTuber sneakers like Qias Omar or Jaysse Lopez (owner of Urban Necessities). His specialty is Busta often wears a mask. Why? Because he often calls out celebrities wearing fake shoes on Instagram, he doesn’t want people to know his face. Like his name. YeezyBusta mainly checks Yeezy shoes. For $ 10-15, you can send your shoe picture to him for legit check.

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OnceHe said the famous Brazilian striker wore a fake Yeezy pair. Too surprising, right?


Fake education whose real name is Antonio Linares. He used to be the legit checker for the famous Stockx website. But after a while he separated and made his own. He is the first page to compare Fake and Real shoes. With over 500k followers, it can be said that Antonio is a reputable checker. Just like YeezyBusta, just $ 10, you can send a photo to the guy to check legit shoes for yourself.

Is legit necessary in the shoe world?

The goods are really essential in the sneakerhead world. Yes of course. Why? Because when you wear a fake product, you won’t feel like you want to protect your shoes like real ones. When wearing real, the feeling will be different. First, you will feel the latest technologies of that company. Second, as mentioned above. Because of the high price paid, the buyer will feel more like to protect the shoes. For example, if you have 2 pairs of shoes, one pair of fake Nike shoes of 700k and 1 pair of real Nike of 2 million, which pair of shoes would you like and manage more carefully? Obviously the shoes are 2 million, right? Third, for an authentic sneakerhead or hypebeast, legit shoes are a very important thing. Because everyone wants to wear real shoes and still hype to show off to friends and relatives.



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