Nike Kyrie 5 – Confirming the throne in the world of basketball shoes

Nike Kyrie 5 - Khẳng định ngôi vương của Nike trong làng giày bóng rổ thế giới
With any baller in Vietnam, the name Kyrie Irving is no stranger. The Boston Celtics super-defender is having a “relatively” successful season, especially with his superior weapon – Nike Kyrie 5.

With a retail price of $ 140 USD (about 3 million 3 hundred thousand VND), Nike Kyrie 5 deserves the best basketball shoes in the price range below $ 150 USD, as well as worth buying today. Why, because it brings you cutting-edge Nike technologies in an extremely affordable way. Not as flamboyant as the Air Jordan 33, nor as minimalist as a budget shoe. All of them are arranged by Nike very well and fit.

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However, Nike Kyrie 5 is much more than that. The biggest attraction before you even know how its technology is, is the design. The shoes have a very eye-catching look with a bird-shaped Flytrap system (actually the eyes are interlocked), which is attached to the laces. It all adds up to the best Kyrie 5, along with the large highlights retained from Kyrie 4. It is no exaggeration to say that the Nike Kyrie 5 will continue the success of its predecessor and fill its name on the list. the best basketball shoes this year.

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Nike Kyrie 5 - Affirming Nike's throne in the world of basketball shoes

With a certain amount of luck and investment, the EACHSHOES team had the opportunity to own Nike Kyrie 5 and experience it in the past 1 week. Therefore, let’s come to the detailed analysis of the shoes to understand more why the shoes deserve to be the top basketball sneakers.

1. Soleplate

As a very important factor for a PG shoe (the back of the ball), the traction on Kyrie 5 is made well for Kyrie (obviously) but can not be called well for the pitch. general. Although it sounds very contradictory, but with dusty turf surfaces, which are the general condition of Vietnamese courts, the shoes do not work too well. Owning an “eye” shaped base fringes with not too deep fringes. This is also inherent defect in the 4th generation ago.

Nike Kyrie 5 - Affirming Nike's throne in the world of basketball shoes

A noteworthy point is that the rubber material on Nike Kyrie 5 is not too durable, thus limiting the product to be used on outdoor surfaces. This is understandable when Nike last year released the Kyrie Flytrap, a shoe specialized in outdoor. However, good news for all Vietnamese fans, the Kyrie 5 color scheme sold at Nike Vietnam has an XDR soleplate exclusively for the Asian market. This means you can sometimes wear shoes for outdoor patio. However, to ensure safety, it is recommended to only use Kyrie 5 for wood or neoprene floor surfaces.

2. Material

Nike Kyrie 5 - Affirming Nike's throne in the world of basketball shoes

As a non-state-of-the-art shoe, Nike equips the Kyrie 5 with mesh upper, fixed with rubber patches at the toe. The lanyard section is fixed with thin rubber pads. Fixed to the heel is a sturdy plastic piece. The inner lining of the shoe is thickened, ensuring a tight hug on the foot whenever the wearer moves suddenly. In general, we can’t ask for much of the material of a basic Nike basketball shoe. However, the large mesh and especially the fixed plastic part did a good job.

3. Buffer

Nike Kyrie 5 - Affirming Nike's throne in the world of basketball shoes

This is the most remarkable point of Nike Kyrie 5. Compared to the previous four generations of shoes, this version owns Zoom Air Turbo. Simply put, Nike equips a Zoom Air pad just below the nose, helping the person feel smoother in movements. Unlike normal Zoom Air pieces, Zoom Air Turbo is divided into 6 pieces attached to each other, helping the force to be responded more quickly and smoothly. The rest of the buffer is the usual phylon. I was hoping for another piece of Zoom or Zoom Air under my heel, but unfortunately Nike always knows how to divide its products.

4. Ability to support

This continues to be the point worth mentioning of Nike Kyrie 5 comes with an improved Flytrap system, a TPU piece with lacing system and a plastic back plate. Your feet will always be held tight, neatest. The ankle flip situation will happen very little, no matter how fast you run, change direction, fight the ball in the air, catch the ball on the board. Not to mention that the soleplate is stretched to the sides, helping the brakes go smoother, especially when you want to pass.

5. Fit

Nike Kyrie 5 is a product with very good fit. You can buy them true-to-size (true to normal size) or wider than 0.5 if the feet are razed. However, I highly recommend that you bring Kyrie 5 true to size. The shoes are comfortable enough for playing football, even for hanging out. Of course it can hardly be an all-day shoe due to the thick foam padding, which can easily crack on-feet for long periods of time.

In short, with the failure of the Air Jordan 33, but fortunately Nike this year has Jordan Why Not Zer0.2, Zoom KD 12 and especially Kyrie 5 to help “the swoosh” continue to dominate the field of football shoes. current baskets in North America and almost the world. With the Kyrie 5 and its wide range of beautiful color schemes, Nike proves that it has every reason to aspire to, outperforming Chinese brands and beyond adidas and Under Armor in the race in the basketball market.

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