SKECHERS X SAILOR MOON: Arousing 90s fashion inspiration

SKECHERS X SAILOR MOON: Arousing 90s fashion inspiration

High-end shoe brand from America SKECHERS has just launched a limited edition collection in a number of key stores nationwide: Skechers X Sailor MOON. With a limited number of production, this collection includes a series of colorful shirts and 7 styles of lacing shoes, from chunky retro “nostalgic” shoes to low-necked flats, promising to ” stirring “the fashion village and the Sailor MOON fan community. It can be seen that although it has been nearly 30 years since its debut, the influence of this popular comic – cartoon girl seems to continue to spread, and continuously transforms childhood memories of so many generation into endless inspiration in many areas of life. Certainly, it is impossible not to mention modern fashion as well as street culture.

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D’Lites Airy 2.0

With the main design being an improved version of the D’LITES Airy product line, all limited shoe models wear the signature color scheme of 5 Sailor Warriors: Sailor Moon (dark pink- blue), Sailor Venus (dark blue-yellow), Sailor Mercury (purple-yellow), Sailor Mars (purple-red), and Sailor Jupiter (pink-green).

Skechers x Sailor Moon D'Lites Airy 2.0
5 pairs of Skechers x Sailor MOON representing 5 warriors (Kim – Thuy – Fire – Wood – Moon) on D’Lites Airy 2.0 series.

In addition to the retro rough sole design that is leading the trend, the highlight of the design lies in the details of the satin bow tie and the planet symbol dotted on the reed of the shoe. The midsole is supported by EVA technology with shock resistance, and most notably is the sole in the application of Air Cooled Memory Foam technology – exclusive breathable foam padding from SKECHERS to ensure shoe weight. It must be very light, optimizing comfort in every step.

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Skechers Street

Blending classic and modern features, the Marley version is favored with 3 sweet pastel color combinations, iridescent gold lines and lovely bow details. Even so, the shoes retain convenience and comfort thanks to the Skechers Street line’s signature flat sole design.

Apparel Collection

Skechers x Sailor Moon Hoodies
The Hoodies in the Skechers x Sailor MOON collection has 2 items in Black & Pink.

The fashion items this time are a balance between sporty spirit and youthful femininity, which can be applied in everyday style but also suitable for weekends. The image of Sailor Moon, the Sailor Sailor group and the protective cat Luna is vividly shown through printed prints, striking color palettes on the main T-shirt, hoodie and pullover designs of collection. Both personality, lovely but extremely flexible and easy to wear, these items will help fashion followers to be creative when combining with many styles of outfits and creating their own qualities.

Pullover Front view with lettering symbol "S" for collab Skechers x Sailor Moon
Pullover Front Panel with ‘S’ Icon Icon Logo for collab Skechers x Sailor MOON. The back side is printed with 5 warriors Kim – Thuy – Fire – Moc – Moon

Special offers

When you own a pair of Sailor MOON sneakers, you will have the opportunity to get a high-end parachute with unexpected transformation, extremely limited number.

Footwear lovers can now hunt for this special collection at Skechers stores The following. Do not forget to check out the extremely attractive product images of the collection below with @EACHSHOES.

Let’s follow the page Official Fanpage or Instagram of SKECHERS Vietnam to update the latest information.


SKECHERS is a leading technology shoe brand with many global awards, creating products that develop lifestyle that emphasizes quality, style and comfort. The brand regularly brings diversified shoe collections, conquering the tastes and meeting the needs of many customers with more than 3,000 designs, suitable for different sports activities such as: jogging, go out, go to work.

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With more than half of its sales coming from overseas stores, Skechers has brought its products to more than 170 countries and incubated more projects to grow more globally through its network of companies. children and distributors around the world.

Headquarters located on Manhattan beach, California. SKECHERS is on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SKX.


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