Nike Kyrie detailed review 4

Nike Kyrie detailed review 4

Nike Kyrie is always the most awaited shoe line of the year with beautiful design at a comfortable price, always satisfying fans. Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 3 have consistently been among the best-selling Nike Basketball shoes. Today, the Nike Kyrie 4, the newest shoe from “Uncle Drew”, will be analyzed and detailed by KicksGeeks. Launched on December 21 for $ 120, the Kyrie 4 offers a ton of improvements.

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The tested color scheme is Kyrie 4 “Confetti”, which is tested on a very dusty indoor yard in Japan.

I. Design, materials

Personally, I am completely satisfied with the design this time of Kyrie 4, the shoes are very beautiful and eye-catching when on feet. High-end materials appeared for the first time, this is considered a huge step forward for Nike Kyrie shoes. Suede (suede) Used in the very luxurious heel and ankle area adding to the value of the shoe. In addition, a nubuck material is used to increase the durability of the toe area.

Kyrie logo on the tongue is placed on a piece of synthetic leather
Swoosh logo embossed

II. Hug / Fit & Comfort


  • Good foot hug
  • Fit the right size, so up to half the size with the legs

There are many opinions that Kyrie 4 on foot looks quite bulky and heavy. But in fact, the shoes in my opinion are very light, very flexible, although I myself have a little difficulty in the shoe insertion process due to the slightly stiff collar of the Kyrie 4 shoe.

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In return, thanks to good hugging, high and solid neckline, there is no slipping of heels. However, when I wore Kyrie 4, it was redundant in front of my toes. As a result, after playing for about 40 minutes, I got toe cramps. T_T

III. Adhesion


  • The perfect combination of grip and durability

Designed according to the requirements of Kyrie Irving, although different from Kyrie 2 and 3, Kyrie 4 has a thicker sole in the form of herringbone (zigzag herringbone sole). At the indoor yard, Kyrie 4’s base is extremely clingy.

The base slots are also designed deeper than the previous version. This design not only supports the Kyrie 4 to better grip the floor on many different surfaces but also increases the durability of the soleplate, a problem that both Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 3 have when used in the outdoor yard.

IV. Buffer / Cushioning


  • Smoothness is very good, completely different from the characteristic “smoothness is an invisible concept” of the Nike Kyrie shoe line
  • The resilience support is quite good

Personally, I am very surprised because of the unexpected smoothness coming from Kyrie 4. This smoothness is due to the presence of Cushlon technology – The technology is mainly present on the Jordan CP3 models, a shoe designed specifically for point guards as skilful as Chris Paul.

Different from the 3 previous Kyrie versions, which used quite stiff Phylon foam, which makes the wearer feel pain in the toe part. Thanks to the good compression and expansion of Cushlon, it gives me a much quieter feeling than the inherent hardness of the Kyrie series (I used to choose basketball shoes based on smoothness). The familiar pain feeling when wearing unbroken Kyrie shoes is now gone.

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V. Support

  • Supports good rebound and damping
  • Anti-slip heels
  • Good ankle protection

In addition to the ability to support the bounce, the next thing that makes me very happy is that the Nike Kyrie 4 protects the ankle well after each grounding phase thanks to the sturdy high neck design.

Running along the sole is a fairly deep zigzag groove. This design will help the Kyrie 4’s soleplate as well as the Cushlon buffer to stretch and become more flexible, especially in unexpected turn situations, reaping, cross-over or deceleration while moving fast. .

BECAUSE. summary


  • Luxury material
  • Improved the disadvantages of previous Kyrie series
  • The sole is durable and grip
  • The buffer feels quite smooth
  • Able to play indoor and outdoor


As a much improved version, apart from good support, Nike Kyrie 4 is a very suitable choice on all different fields.

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