Rens – Waterproof sneakers made from coffee

Rens - Waterproof sneakers made from coffee
? Rens

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As the world is paying more attention to the environment, brands are also changing products with more friendly materials. One of them is Rens – sneakers made from coffee and waterproof. The brand is raising capital on the Kickstater site with a target of $ 19,000.

Taking a tour of the website, we see a number of outstanding features that make the project raised over $ 17,000. The first is the material that makes the shoes from 300 grams of coffee grounds and 6 plastic bottles. The reason for using branded coffee grounds is because coffee has deodorizing, antibacterial, sunscreen and quick drying properties. In addition, the brand also applies waterproof technology AquaScreen Tech ™ mine. Coffee film contributes to the sneakers being protected by a closed barrier. And this is guaranteed throughout the life of the product.

Four characteristics emphasized by the brand for the outerwear shoes are the easy-to-carry slip-on design, simple design, anti-slip resistance and 4-way stretch. This makes the shoe applicable to any event, purpose, or terrain. In addition, the ability to dry quickly and absorb sweat is also a plus.


Rens will be released in 8 color schemes for both men and women. Currently, the price is expected to be sold on Kickstaters for a pair is $ 99. And if you buy in bulk of 2-4 pairs there will be special price.


Information and images from Kickstarter


Source: Rens – Waterproof sneakers made from coffee

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