Review Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 in the original “The Ten” collection

Last year was the year Nike regained its number one spot in the hypebeast world. After a long time adidas took this position by owning Yeezy (Kayne West) and Human Race (Pharrell Williams). With the combination of an emerging high-fashion brand, Off-White, Nike promises to make a deal with it in the near future.


Nike and Off-White have launched a collection called “The Ten”. With 10 famous Nike shoes will be completely refreshed by Virgil Abloh. The collection includes Air Jordan 1, Presto, Vapormax, Air Force 1, Airmax 97, Airmax 90, Blazer, Zoom Vaporfly, Hyperdunk and Converse. Virgil Abloh has made the hypebeast world aroused.

Ad also quickly found his own Off-White pairs. This time, admin owned and experienced the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1. Air Force 1 is an extremely legendary shoe of New Yorkers. Going to New York, you will see a lot of people wearing these shoes. With a heavy and sturdy design, the wearer will feel comfortable and warm. To cope with the cold weather here, Air Force 1 is an optimal choice.


The number of shoes is extremely limited. There is no official information on how many pairs are produced worldwide. But if the sneakerhead wants to own a pair in the collection, it must camp or through the raffle system of the local retail stores.


The box of the Off-White pairs is different from the normal Nike pair. The box is reversed from the inside to the outside. For example, the orange color of a normal Nike box will be found inside the Nike x Off-White box. Outside the box we will have a very large “Swoosh” in the middle of the box. In addition to the white straps already on the shoe, each Off-White part 1 pair will always have 3 sets of laces attached, blue, orange and black. And on each shoelace there will be the words “SHOESLACES”. More than that, instead of the usual Nike paper, we will have a sheet of paper with the words Nike and the Off-White symbol.

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Almost the entire upper part is made of mesh (mesh fabric). We will see foam running over the toe and running through the shoe body. Compared to the normal Air Force 1 shoes, these Off-White shoes are a lot thinner. Chicken tongue will be a very large foam that makes us feel like sb dunk low. On the shoelace area we can see a wrapped suede, which looks very premium. Furthermore, foam will also be found near the shoe collar area. Virgil explained what technology the sole used, by writing the word “Air” underneath the sole. As with the other Air Force 1 sole, Nike Air Zoom will be the technology used for the sole of this Off-White pair. Therefore, the shoes are very smooth and sturdy when walking on the road. The Off-White tag is an indispensable props in all Off-White shoes. This time, this eye-catching red tag will be attached directly to the shoelace hole.

Nike Air Force 1

The shoe body will have 2 swoosh marks with clear plastic material. On the swoosh marks we also see the orange sticker. These special details make the shoe look like a real sample.

Nike Air Force 1

Like the other Off-White pairs, the inside is said to be “Off-White for NIKE“ Air Force 1 ″ Beaverton, Oregon USA, c. 1982 ”. 1982 was the year when the Air Force 1 debuted in public.

Nike Air Force 1

The heel of the shoe will have the words “LOGO”. The heel part is fitted with a piece of suede.

Nike Air Force 1

When it comes to shoe hygiene, Crep Protect is always the first choice. With Crep Protect, your shoes are completely protected from water.

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Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1Nike Air Force 1Nike Air Force 1Nike Air Force 1Nike Air Force 1


Retail price is $ 120. Can only be bought with raffle in retailers and fcfs (first come first serve) through the Nike SNKRS app. Resell prices seem to have stabilized. At the beginning of last year, after the store’s raffle, the price dropped a bit. After the release date on the Nike SNKRS app, the price hit its lowest point. “Only” for $ 600, hypebeast was able to own this super product. But after a while, the resell price of the Nike Air Force 1 x Off-White went up as before. Currently, the price is $ 1,000 more, depending on the size.

Fit and sizing

Air Force 1 has a reputation for being comfortable, quiet, and secure. New Yorkers love these shoes because of that. Because of the hustle and bustle, they always give priority to couples that are extremely comfortable on the road and can last a long time. Regarding sizing, the user always has to bring half the size down to the size he normally wears. For example, your Nike size is usually 8, if you want to fit Air Force 1 the best, then you should buy size 7.5.

After use

Over time, the shoes will no longer retain the same white color as before. Since it is made of foam material, the tongue, body and collar of the shoe will turn yellow. What’s more, the mesh material (mesh fabric) will be soft and break in for the user’s feet.


In my opinion, these shoes are the easiest to match in the Off-White collection. Since they are white, the shoe can be worn with all outfits. But I think, it would be nicer to wear black jeans and a black t-shirt or hoodie. What’s more, still with black pants, you can wear a white shirt the same color as the shoes. You can play the whole white tree as well.

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These Off-White shoes are 5/5 standard too. The shoes are extremely light and comfortable. Very suitable for outings. Both beautiful and comfortable, who wouldn’t want it? However, Air Force 1 still has some minus points. First, by using the base like other Air Force 1 bags, the sole will be a bit heavy. Second, the shoes will no longer retain the beautiful white color they were when they first bought, but will gradually turn yellow. Doesn’t look nice and clean.


Source: Review Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 in the original “The Ten” collection

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