Roster of the 23 best color combinations in the history of AIR JORDAN 3


From the first appearance year 1988, shoe line Air Jordan 3 has become an iconic icon of the 80s basketball shoe. AJ 3 is the sneaker line’s changing factor Air Jordan by its place: the shoe Jordan first appeared the logo Jumpman, Air Unit visible of Nike It was used for the first time, as well as for the first time with an elephant skin pattern on the upper. With the ability to create the phenomenon of Michael Jordan with talented hands of Tinnker HatfielThis famous shoe helps Jordan get rid of the shadow of Nike, become an independent brand. Here is a list of 23 shoes Air Jordan 3 rated most in the history of 3s has been ranked according to the survey.

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Slipping into the top 23, although at the bottom of the table, is a design for women with blue on a white background. This is a design that seems to have been forgotten by genuine since its inception in 2006.

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22. Air Jordan 3 “Stealth”


This is one of the color schemes launched in 2011 non-OG. With a cool appearance with characteristic stealth gray, varsity red dotted, 3s Stealth confirmed his position at 22nd.

21. Air Jordan 3 “Sport Blue”


Sport Blue each appeared on the version Jordan 6 applied again and garnered much attention Air Jordan 3 with a neat appearance, quite eye-catching.

20. Air Jordan 3 “5Lab3”


Air Jordan 3 “5Lab3 ″ shine in the middle of the shoe line Air Jordan 3 in this list. Technology application 3M Innovation is known through the line Jordan 5. These shoes glow everywhere except the midsole and the outsole.

19. Air Jordan 3 “Joker”


Released year two thousand and thirteenThis color scheme is noted for the unique contrast between deep black and striking neon blue.

18. Air Jordan 3 “Do the Right Thing”


This is probably the color scheme that causes the most public opinion on this list. ‘Do The Right Thing’ Inspired by colors of the movie poster of the same name. This version is to thank you Spike Lee with his dedication to Nike and Jordan throughout the years.

17. Air Jordan 3 “Black History Month”


The begin of the year 2011, Jordan cooperate with Nike and Converse in the collection “Black History Month”, which includes Kobe VI and Converse Star Player EVO. However, the elephant skin pattern is closely linked with Air Jordan 3 Not used on this particular design. Replacing them are beautifully crafted laser sketches.

16. Air Jordan 3 “Bright Crimson”


This version is named after the name of CrimsonThe colors used on the midsole and the logo make them stand out against the jet black upper background.

15. Air Jordan 3 “Pure Money”


Sporting Jordan Brand’s all-white Pure Money theme, these Air Jordan 3s flew off shelves in 2007. This seems to be a combination of favorite shoes with most people’s favorite colors. Just launched year 2007, “Pure Money” was sold out shortly thereafter. As expected of the name of this version!

14. Air Jordan 3 “Fear”


Air Jordan 3 “Fear” takes great advantage of the gray and black shades of premium leather, finished by midsole gradients Pressing a bit of orange delicate attention. Absolutely “Fear” It’s the fear of other shoe lines coming out this same year!

13. Air Jordan 3 “Oregon”

jordanflightsnicke41 jordanflightsnicke3

This version is released with 2 color tones white and black with a super limited number. Black model – Air Jordan 3 “Oregon Ducks” Away To give the fans the most dedication University Oregon. In contrast, the blank – Air Jordan 3 “Oregon Ducks” Home dedicated to the school stadiums.

12. Air Jordan 3 “Black Cats”


Espy Air Jordan 3 ‘Black Cats’ has a simple appearance with a black color scheme. However, the design has many notable points such as a combination of nubuck, the use of an elephant skin pattern and an imitation leather to create an interesting contrast in the material.

11. Air Jordan 3 “Flip”


One of the standout designs was released this year 2007 – “Flip” Air Jordan 3 With a unique appearance and distinctive elephant leather pattern that usually appears on the heels and toes are now printed on the entire shoe body.

10. Air Jordan 3 “5Lab3” Black


Among the ‘seniors’ that have appeared for a long time, this is a line of shoes with a relatively young age when it was only released last year. With a black upper emphasizing reflective details, the design retains a high position in the rankings when entering the top 10.

9. Air Jordan 3 “Legends of the Summer”


Tour “Legends of the Summer” of the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z sold out tickets and made shoe lovers crave for Air jordan 3 “LOTS” when they belong to some of the winners of the show’s giveaway.

8. Air Jordan 3 “Cool Gray”


Air Jordan 3 “Cool Gray” is already brought great success for this year 2007. Although there are many designs Jordan It has a gray-toned upper, but with a few sieve highlights it is quite rare.

7. Air Jordan 3 “Mocha”


Is the first design to appear with the mark non OG on the market, Mocha brings sneaker games more ‘caffeine’ than ever. In the world, many people love coffee, obviously Air Jordan 3 “Mocha” also!

6. Air Jordan 3 “Black Flip”


Throughout the month 12/2011, Jordan Bless the shoe lovers with this exciting design. With hidden details on a premium black leather background, the look of the Black Flip make an impression on many fans.

5. Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red”


Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” first appeared year 1988. This is one of four color schemes OG and be key Michael Jordan bring on the field. This color scheme is version OG was finally released and returned to retro after 18 years.

4. Air Jordan 3 “True Blue”


This is a favorite color scheme even with the version OG mixed retro. “True Blue” is known as 1 of the 3 signature color schemes MJ.

3. Air Jordan 3 “Doernbecher”


Air Jordan 3 “Doernbecher” is the version Doernbecher The only one was retro and ranked quite high on the list. Designed by Cole Johanson – one of the participants in the program Doernbecher Freestyle year 2010. He was fortunate to have a chance to tell his story through this iconic shoe design.

2. Air Jordan 3 White / Cement


The fans of Michael Jordan Nobody knows this color scheme. These are fine shoes MJ Wear on legs when he and teammates win the championship in Dunk Contest ’88 – an important milestone in this famous player’s career. Air Jordan 3 White Cement is a symbol of greatness MJ.

1. Air Jordan 3 Black / Cement


We’ve seen countless color schemes Air Jordan 3 was debuted but no one could deny that the beauty of Black Cement is above all great. Rated as one of the most perfect designs (if not the most valuable design itself), Black Cement creating a terrible fever in the shoe-playing world when launching – initiating the movement Black Friday activity together today shoe camp. This is a product that deserves to be in the top 1 of this list.

After looking at the ranking of 23 color schemes voted the greatest of all time, you – a shoe lover, have found your own. Air Jordan 3 favorite yet? Don’t forget to share EACHSHOES we know!

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Source: Roster of the 23 best color combinations in the history of AIR JORDAN 3

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