Showing true NMD love with adidas City Sock “Texting”

Showing true NMD love with adidas City Sock “Texting”

Despite its popularity at launch, the adidas NMD City Sock is almost forgotten now. Almost sneakerheads are no longer salty with the City Sock versions. Many online communities commented that NMD is now only “a mess” to cling to its glorious past. However, adidas has denied those stereotypes with its actions when it comes to successively releasing impressive NMD versions of the past few days. From the Japanese-styled NMD TS1, to the trio of NMD R1 “Speckle Pack” versions… all were enthusiastically responded to by the sneakerheads. What proves that NMD is still the “money-making chicken” of this Ba Stripe brand.

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adidas NMD City Sock “Texting”

In addition to the familiar details such as uppers with Primeknit and the collar with the socks style, the new version only differs from the large NMD pattern located on the side of the shoe. The most remarkable point in this pair of NMD City Sock “Texting” and the way to “show off” is a genuine NMD fan of adidas fans. If according to the release schedule on Sneakernews, NMD City Sock “Texting” is expected to be released on April 20. This version is priced similarly to the 2019 UltraBoost, around $ 180 for a pair.

adidas NMD City Sock "Texting"

If you are a fan of adidas NMD, EACHSHOES has no idea about buying this version of City Sock. If you are simply shopping for a shoe version from adidas, EACHSHOES recommends that you invest in yourself the 2019 UltraBoost pair. Same price but you will have a better experience with this UltraBoost version. And why? You can see details at the review video EACHSHOES used to do here about this shoe.

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adidas NMD City Sock "Texting"adidas NMD City Sock "Texting"

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