What do the differences between adidas logo templates mean?

Let’s find out: What do the differences between adidas logo templates mean?

As one of the largest sports fashion production companies in the world, adidas is increasingly strengthening its position in the market. The brand was founded in 1949 by Adolf “Adi” Dassler and is now run by Kasper Rørsted. As of 2018, the brand’s sales had reached $ 24.9 billion. Not only known for its football, adidas’ success in everyday fashion is largely due to the popularity of Run-DMC in the 1980s. As a result, the brand has become a giant in the market. Today’s sports fashion school. And what’s so special about the adidas logo?

Adidas logo
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Referring to adidas, everyone will remember the brand’s signature “3 stripes” logo. But sometimes, people also come across adidas under different logo shapes. This also quickly caused confusion among the brand’s customers. Currently, people will know adidas through the three most distinctive logo styles, including: 3-striped triangle logo, 3-leaf clover logo, and circle logo – this is also the least recognized logo.

Logo represents the whole corporation

The logo with 3 stripes in front of the adidas word is considered the logo representing the adidas Group. This is the most extensive logo and is located at the top of the grading tower. It can be said that this logo is often encountered with adidas partners rather than brand customers. Below it will be 3 other sub-brands.

Logo triangle 3 stripes

This is the most commonly encountered logo and this logo represents the brand’s line of sportswear. Not just football, adidas also develops products related to supporting athletes or customers interested in training. Often this logo will be called adidas Performance. Performance here refers to the movement of the sport.

3-leaf grass logo

The clover logo is also known as “Trefoil logo” or “adidas Originals”. Before 1997, the brand still used this logo template for adidas products that had no specific category intent. After that time, the brand decided to use this logo to represent products inherited from sports but for the purpose of fashion rather than advocacy. The designs of the adidas Originals are recognized as providing an “old-school”, retro feel with distinct features.

Circle logo

This is definitely going to be the least-noticed adidas logo template. This logo design represents adidas Style. This is believed to be part of the brand’s market segmentation. Through this sub-branch, the brand wants to reach more people with fashion styles to attract young people. This segment of adidas is aimed at targeting generations of money-conscious customers such as NEO – at prices lower than the brand’s general average. Y-3 is a stylish sub-branch with a more premium price tag.

Adidas logo
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In short, the use of different adidas logos to categorize product lines of brands. However, for customers, especially those who only need to use them, not fans, this will be what confuses them. But if you are a fashion lover, or fan of the brand, you should know these logos carefully.

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