Smart travel: The secret to making travel easier

Smart travel

Smart travel

With a few simple tips, your commute can be easier from booking airline tickets to finding your way around your destination.

The old saying ‘Don’t work hard, do it smarter’ may not be true in 2022, but it is somewhat true when it comes to travel in a time of soaring prices.

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Not all of these tips apply to everyone, but the tips below are universal when applied to any trip or type of travel.

Don’t buy plane tickets at the last minute

One of the biggest percentages of a travel budget is the price of most flights. Traveling by plane is not cheap and sometimes we have to fly at a low price. Many times, travelers give up on some destinations because the airfare is not suitable for their budget.

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The best thing a traveler can do for himself is to plan and research the vacation in advance. Minimize the risk of having to book tickets at the last minute, and choose expensive flights to match your hotel booking date.

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So a good plan will help us balance and make things more comfortable before starting the journey.

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Use every resource to get the best fares. You can refer to each airline ticket, using online tools like Google Flight, Skyscanner, OTAs like Expedia, Traveloka.. are also very useful. If you have not found a price that you are satisfied with, remember to choose the notification of the above units to know when the selected airfare is at the lowest.

If you have a credit card, it’s a good idea to check the points system to use for airline tickets. Or if you are a regular member of the airline, use the accumulated miles.

Use offline maps on mobile devices

Today’s offline map is no longer strange to many people, and is an indispensable application on the phones of the “photographers” – who often go to areas without internet connection.

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Offline maps on Android and iOS platforms are applications that do not require the use of an internet connection but still ensure good positioning and directions for users. Google Map is the first choice because of its familiarity, but other applications are also very interesting such as HERE WeGo of Nokia mobile mogul, Offline Map & Navigation available in over 200 countries, or Offline GPS suitable for those who like car rental.

Use public transport

In big cities, traveling by bus or subway is very efficient and practical. Find a map with the main roads and buy a daily or weekly ticket to explore the city in the cheapest way, the bigger advantage is that you can come in direct contact with the locals and can easily imitate their way of living.

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In addition, Google Map also updates very accurately the operating hours of these public transport.

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