The secret to organizing suitcases like a professional traveller

professional traveller

professional traveller

These luggage packing tips will help you have a successful trip.

According to Travelandleisure, many people often find it difficult to pack their bags and organize them for a long trip. Carrying items such as clothes, personal hygiene items… can always become your “worry”.

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Lydia Mansel – travel blogger and founder of Just Packed – will give you useful advice. Here are 10 organizing tips from Mansel to help you organize your suitcase like a pro.

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Tips to organize your suitcase will help you a lot. Photo: Getty.

Thinking about the mode of transportation

According to Lydia Mansel, the mode of transportation determines the size of her luggage. “How I organize my suitcase depends on how I travel,” she says.

For example, if Mansel is driving or flying by herself, she will allow herself to carry more stuff. Like Mansel, the mode of transportation will help you decide how much you can pack and what size of luggage you should choose.

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Know airline weight limits

Lydia Mansel said: “If my airline of choice allows a maximum weight of 23 kg, I will quickly review my suitcase.”

In this case, Mansel will use a suitcase that weighs less than 5.5 kg. Then she packed as usual and weighed the luggage with a hand scale. With a few pairs of shoes and toiletries, Mansel usually averages his suitcase at about 21 kg. Therefore, there will be a small space for her to buy some souvenirs during the trip.

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You need to be clear about the maximum baggage weight for your airline of choice. Photo: JS.

Don’t worry about rolling or folding things

According to Lydia Mansel, it doesn’t really matter whether you play or fold things in your suitcase.

“I have conducted research on the pros and cons of folding / rolling in the travel community, the results show that there is no big difference,” Mansel revealed.

The female travel blogger said that she prefers to fold ordinary items, such as jeans and cotton shirts. But she will roll clothes that are fragile or prone to wrinkles. Choose the packaging that works for you and don’t stress about making a choice that matches the current trend.

Make every inch of the suitcase count

Regardless of which packing method you choose, Lydia Mansel says it’s important to take advantage of every centimeter of space you have in your luggage, including some points that are often overlooked.

According to Mansel, each piece of clothing should be folded or rolled as tightly as possible and pressed into “every opening in the suitcase, including the inside of the shoe”. If possible, try rolling up socks, underwear, or t-shirts smaller and tucking them inside boots or sneakers. This can really make a big difference.

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Invest in being organized

A messy suitcase can kill your traveling mood. That’s why Mansel says investing in suitcase organizing is a good idea.

Mansel says: “I’ve been switching my packing for about a year now. Even if it’s just a short weekend trip, I try to stay organized. It helps my life. It’s much easier for me, my suitcase is more organized and the process of opening the suitcase is simple.”

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You need to invest a lot of time in packing to have a comfortable trip. Photo: Wandering Searcher.

Sorting clothes to be washed

Mansel thinks it’s smart to arrange a suitcase with a space for dirty laundry to be washed. “Once I get home, I can simply throw things in my laundry basket, instead of rummaging through my suitcase looking for something to wash,” she says.

Try planning your outfit

Luggage packing will take you to the next level when you think ahead about the clothes you’ll wear on your trip.

Mansel says: “Planning my outfits for trips usually starts about a week in advance. I’ll make a list in my phone. I determine what to wear each day and jot down the details. specific items to carry, such as charging cords, toothbrushes, contact lenses …”.

According to the female blogger, this initial list always includes more things than she actually brings. Therefore, this is the perfect way for her to pack up her luggage.

“When you write it down, you’ll find that you don’t really need to bring three pairs of jeans. Giving yourself a few days before departure ensures you have time to organize whatever you want,” she revealed. .

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Think about each take-out item of clothing

When it’s time to really pack, Lydia Mansel knows exactly what to look for in her closet, thanks to her handy list.

“The planned things are then folded into blocks, separated by shirts, pants, skirts, gym clothes, socks and underwear. As I put each item in the suitcase, I wondered. myself: Will I really wear this? At this stage, I try to remove at least 2 items during my trip,” she said.

Bring your own toiletries

People often worry about toiletries when packing. Finding the right size and space for all your serums, creams, and cleansers can be irritating.

“Packing toiletries is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of traveling, especially if you have a specific skin or hair care routine. I always need a list,” says Mansel. items such as Vitamin C serums, hair care products …”.

According to her, people need to buy small containers, which can hold products valid for at least 5 days. As a result, she avoided panicking last-minute trips to the pharmacy in search of a travel-sized shampoo or facial cream.

Don’t forget to bring a steamer

No matter how carefully you pack, your clothes are bound to get wrinkly on the move. That’s why Lydia Mansel says it’s important to always leave room for a steamer.

“You should buy a travel-sized steamer. All wrinkles can’t be avoided, no matter how you pack them, and a steamer is key to keeping your travel clothes fresh and free of stains. No one wants to take an iron and ironing board out of a hotel closet, then spend 20 minutes ironing any lines on your clothes. The steamer is worth the extra space it takes up in a suitcase. yours,” she said.

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