Traveling to Spain should note these things

Traveling to Spain should note these things 1

Traveling to Spain should note these things 1

Don’t bring too many clothes, don’t plan on Tuesday, the 13th, don’t expect to eat soon… these are the notes you need to keep in mind if you want to have a great trip to Spain.

When you travel to a country, you are experiencing a unique culture of their country. Coming to Spain – the land of bulls too, you will note the following five things:

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Come to Spain don’t expect to eat soon

Spain makes everything late and dining is no exception. Accordingly, the lunch time of Spaniards is usually from 13:00 – 15:30, and dinner is rarely served before 21:00.

So please be patient!

Don’t bring too many clothes

Spain is known as a shopping mecca with a wide variety of styles.

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Chances are you will be tempted by their delightfully accessible and chic fashion brands like Zara, Pull & Bear, Blanco, Mango, Bershka, etc. You can find them everywhere and if you If you come during the promotion period, you will get some really great bargains.

Another note on dress code, always wear proper shoes, never forget to dress appropriately when visiting a monastery, church, or holy place…

Traveling to Spain should note these things - 1

When traveling to Spain, visitors need to refer to the characteristics of the country. Photo: internet

Don’t stay in one place in a tourist area

Spain is famous for its large coastlines with a wide variety of tourist hotels and all-inclusive resorts.

Most hotels and resorts provide all the amenities for a pleasant stay, but the prices are not cheap at all, in addition to being dull and unfriendly.

Instead of spending the day by the pool with a bunch of tourists, you should try a new experience like going out there, discovering Spain on your own, connecting with the locals and their culture, try new dishes.

Not scheduled for Tuesday, the 13th

According to the Spaniards, Friday the 13th is not bad luck, but Tuesday. You should not plan anything on these days.

There’s even a Spanish saying: “En martes, ni te case, ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes” which means “on Tuesday, don’t get married, don’t get on a train or plane and don’t leave the house”.

Avoid discussing regionalism

Regionalism is an extremely sensitive topic for Spaniards. They have a very strong sense of regional pride, especially in Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia, where the locals have their own language and cultural identity. So don’t get into conversations about regionalism.

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