11 things tourists should not do when visiting the UAE

11 things tourists should not do when visiting the UAE

11 things tourists should not do when visiting the UAE

When visiting any country, you should find out in advance the rules or taboos in the culture of this country.

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1. Drinking alcohol in public

Although the UAE has many bars and clubs, it is important for visitors to know that drinking alcohol in public is not allowed. In places where alcohol is not sold, such as the beach or certain public places, you are also not allowed to drink alcohol.

2. Take a photo of someone else

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Taking pictures of others without their consent is an offense in the UAE under its cybersecurity law. This means that if you openly take photos of strangers without permission, you can be fined 500,000 AED (3.1 billion VND) and 6 months in prison. 

This also applies to photos posted on social media, as people can file lawsuits against the photographer. More serious if the photo is of a woman.

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3. Eating out during Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims in Dubai fast from sunrise to sunset every day. To show respect, most restaurants close or cover their windows during those days. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to eat, drink, chew gum and even smoke in public places. This is considered disrespectful behavior and causes trouble for tourists.

This rule does not apply to young children and pregnant women.

3. Buy fake goods

Tourists should not buy fake goods in the UAE You will be in trouble if you are caught buying fake products.

4. Rumors spread

This is a bit of a surprise, but spreading rumors in the UAE is actually illegal. Especially when these rumors are shared online. Spreading false rumors on social media is not only a form of cyberbullying, but you can also be imprisoned for 3 years and fined up to 1 million AED (6.3 billion VND).

This also applies to those who knowingly spread false information that could harm the public interest.

5. Public love

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While the UAE can be an ideal honeymoon destination, it’s important to know that public displays of affection are completely forbidden. 

Even a kiss can land a couple in jail. Even hugs between friends of the opposite sex are criticized.

6. Swearing in public

No other swearing is allowed in public. Offensive, vulgar, and abusive language is not only offensive, but can get travelers in more trouble than they realize. 

This includes street tantrums, offensive gestures such as a bad finger. 

7. Take pictures of traffic accidents, government buildings, military facilities…

11 things tourists should not do when visiting the UAE - 3

When taking photos in the UAE, it’s best to focus your camera on tourist attractions rather than some forbidden places.

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This includes photos of car accidents, government buildings, embassies, military facilities, and even airplanes. Of course, this is only aggravated if the photos are posted on social networks. 

8. Causing trouble in public

Drunk and disorderly conduct is a very serious offense in many countries, including the UAE. Not only the act of getting drunk, playing loud music, dancing in public is also taboo in this country.

9. Carrying prescriptions without papers

Bringing the drug into the country requires valid documentation, proving it was prescribed to the owner. It is important that the prescription be translated into English for the airport officials to understand. 

It can be a lot of trouble for tourists to bring certain drugs into the country.

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10. Using Stimulants

This is an obvious, no drug use in the UAE. The country has a zero tolerance policy on drugs of any kind. Consequences may include imprisonment or deportation. This also applies to prescription drugs.

11. Wear revealing clothes

The UAE allows visitors to dress in Western clothing. However, it is important to always dress modestly when visiting the country. This means that you should be aware of where you are going to dress appropriately.

Bikinis and shorts are completely allowed on the beach but not allowed to go to a mosque. It is also recommended that you dress modestly when going to shopping malls.

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