How to overcome the fear of traveling by plane

How to overcome the fear of traveling by plane

How to overcome the fear of traveling by plane

There are many people who have very special fears: fear of heights, fear of reptiles, fear of the dark… and there are many people who are afraid of flying.

On flight VN1524 from Hue to Hanoi, while in the process of rolling, had to return to the parking lot because the passenger did not want to continue the flight.

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Passengers sitting in seat 35D showed signs of nervousness, anxiety, emotional disturbances, tremors and sweating. The flight attendant discovered that the passenger had health problems, so he asked to stop the flight.

The problem of this fear of flying has two forms, one is the fear of airplanes (aviophobia) which appears in the singular and the second is the anxiety about flying, which is not as severe as aviophobia, but It’s also annoying for a lot of people.

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Both types of anxiety can manifest in a variety of fears, ranging from a fear of confined spaces, to a fear of heights, to a fear of dangerous situations such as technical problems or a plane crash. The fear of airplanes will have many other manifestations such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.

Only 2.5% of the world’s population is affected by the fear of flying, but anxiety about flying is very common. So how should we solve this problem?

Let’s learn about the disease and how to deal with anxiety, use relaxation techniques and plan a trip to help you overcome your own fears. and can freely explore the world.

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Equipping knowledge about aircraft

Studies have shown that 73% of people with agoraphobia often fear that the plane will encounter technical problems during the flight. So the more you know about airplane operations, the more comfortable you’ll feel when traveling by plane.

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Learning more about airplanes from how they work to the designs and programs that help them deal with emergencies will make you more comfortable.

Some situations can make us feel nervous while on a plane like turbulence that happens when the plane flies from a low pressure area to a high pressure area, and you will feel the plane.” shaking”. You can understand air turbulence just like when you’re driving through an undulating rocky road.

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It is only in rare cases that turbulence can cause an injury, usually due to a passenger not wearing a seat belt or from being hit by a luggage overhead.

Take control of your anxiety

First, it is necessary to recognize anxiety from individual manifestations such as feeling anxious? Do you have sweaty hands? Do your fingers tremble slightly?

By being aware of your own signs, you’ll soon be able to start doing exercises to help manage your feelings of anxiety.

To control them, take the things that you cannot control. Instead of focusing on your fears, it would be better if you could “distract” yourself with other activities.

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This is also one of the reasons that airplane seats often have TVs or magazines for guests to entertain themselves. Some people deal with this in their own way, but it’s all about small, light activities that keep the brain active, distracting themselves from fear and anxiety.

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Practice relaxation exercises before flying

You should integrate anxiety-reducing exercises into your daily life. When you practice these exercises at a time when you don’t feel anxious, you will have the tools on hand to help you when you need it. Only then can you feel that everything is always under your control and keep yourself calm. Try yoga or meditation to reduce anxiety in your life.

While on the plane, take a deep breath and relax your shoulder muscles. Usually when we are nervous or anxious, we tend to pull back our neck and strain the muscles in our shoulders. You can use this method for other muscle groups such as the face and legs.

Place one hand on your stomach. Breathe deeply through your nose. Inhale as much air as possible. Inhale the air so that your abdomen is tight, not your chest area. Exhale from the mouth, slowly count to 10. Contract the abdominal muscles to push all the air out, do this activity 4-5 times.

Book a flight

Choose a direct flight to your destination. You don’t have to think too much about this. The fewer flight hours, the better for you.

Also, choose the right plane seat. The seat closest to the wing of the plane will usually have the smoothest flight. The area near the wing of the aircraft will be more stable and less affected by aircraft movement.

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Meanwhile, the rows of seats near the aisle will both facilitate movement and create a sense of spaciousness, in addition, a solution to this problem is to upgrade airline tickets, because business and first class tickets are always available. spacious seating position.

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If possible, avoid low-capacity aircraft or small aircraft. When you search for flights, you can find out information about the type of aircraft that will be used. Choose a bigger plane because the flight is quieter.

If you are afraid to fly at night, choose a daytime flight. Sometimes you will feel better if you can see the scenery outside the window. In the dark, you may feel more anxious because you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Preparing for the flight

Many people recommend going to the airport even if you don’t have a flight. You just need to visit the terminal in the airport to get familiar with everything. It sounds weird, but this is a great way to gradually feel more comfortable every time you have to fly.

Also, on the plane, talk to flight attendants, who are no strangers to passengers suffering from psychological symptoms while on the plane.

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Flight attendants have been trained to handle fainting, hyperventilation, and a host of other health problems that can occur on flights.

Avoid using alcohol to self-medicate your fear. This action is not a good solution for you to ease your anxiety when flying. Alcohol can make you feel more anxious because it will make you feel less in control. Especially in case you are worried about having to evacuate the plane.

Instead of alcoholic beverages, bring snacks. Choose certain snacks that take a lot of time to distract yourself, or you can bring your favorite foods.

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