What you need to do when you are traveling and encounter a storm

What you need to do when you are traveling and encounter a storm

What you need to do when you are traveling and encounter a storm

Please try to follow the instructions of local officials, avoid psychological stress, do not go out during erratic weather… to ensure your own safety.

Summer is the peak season for tourism . However, this is also the time when storms or tropical depressions often appear with complicated developments and difficult to predict accurately. So, to have a safe and fun trip, you should note the following.

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Follow the instructions of local officials or tour guides

When you are traveling and suddenly receive news of a storm, it is important that you keep a calm mind first. If you are traveling in a group, keep in mind the instructions of the guide. With well-trained professionals, with an understanding of the terrain and climate at the destination and the experiences gained during the trip, they will help you avoid falling into risks or dangerous situations for your health. yourself when the weather turns bad.

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Look to a guide or local official for guidance when needed. Photo: Internet

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If you are traveling on your own, you should quickly contact and seek help from local officials. At this time, you need to keep your mind clear, not panic, afraid and seriously follow the instructions of the officials.

Do not arbitrarily move or go to dangerous places during storms

If your destination is the sea or island, at times like this, you should not go near the coast. Because, strong gusts of wind can cause big waves with high winds that are very dangerous. If you live in an area with many hills, you should avoid staying near the foothills to prevent risks such as landslides.

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Storm causes big waves on the sea. Photo: Lao Dong Newspaper

In case you are staying in the city, you also need to pay attention to minimize unnecessary travel outside, because stormy weather always has many potential risks such as lightning, falling trees, flooding. .. Stay in your hotel or at a shelter recommended by local officials and only go out when told the weather has returned to normal.

Reassure yourself, see this as an experience

When you are stuck because of a storm, tell yourself this is a memorable experience, a harsh test for yourself to help you understand your courage, as well as your ability to cope in difficult conditions. There are hidden disadvantages in your person that you may not realize for a long time. When you have such thoughts, you will find peace and clarity in your heart.

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Tell yourself this is just a small challenge. Photo: Internet

For a safe summer trip

Sudden rainstorms while traveling is definitely something no one wants. However, this is not inevitable. What you need to do is to regularly monitor the weather forecast, especially information related to where you plan to go.

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If your destination is at high risk of being affected by bad weather, it’s best to consider postponing your trip. If you keep “eating sticky rice”, you will not be able to have the desired experience, on the contrary, it can be wasteful and dangerous to your own safety.

At the same time, when planning your trip, you should also carefully research contact information for use in emergencies, such as phone numbers for hotlines of local authorities or medical centers, local rescue.

You should also prepare a decent amount, more than expected, in case you have to extend your stay at your destination when a storm happens to pass by. In many emergency situations, some hotels or localities will have policies to support tourists such as reduced room rates, free meals or financial subsidies.

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