What must you not forget before the trip?

What must you not forget before the trip

What must you not forget before the trip

Checking your credit card, contacting your mobile carrier or sending a travel itinerary to your loved ones are all things you need to do before every long trip.

According to Travel and Leisure, before you set off on your trip, there are some important steps you need to take.

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Here are 11 things you need to really keep in mind if you want to have a great vacation.

What must you not forget before the trip? - first

Before traveling , there are some important steps that you need to take. Photo: Uba Group.

Notify the credit card issuer

To make sure your credit card works while traveling, the bank that issued the card needs to know about your travel plans. If you are afraid of losing time and having to wait for a long time, you can call instead of submitting the form online or in person at the counter.

And another very important thing, is that you need to make sure you have enough money on your credit card.

Contact your mobile carrier

When traveling abroad, call your mobile service provider to help you set up the cheapest plan to make calls, send texts, or access the Internet. Many carriers are offering customers affordable international voice, text and data plans.

Notice to the local

If going for 2 weeks or longer, you should notify the police or local management. If you have a need, they can occasionally check, inspect the house for you.

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What must you not forget before the trip? - 2

You need to make sure you have enough money on your credit card before you go away. Photo: CW.

Confirm all bookings

Double check all your bookings, tickets such as flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, attractions or any other services or experiences you have planned. You certainly don’t want anything unexpected to happen while standing at the check-in counter.

You should print out your booking confirmations so that you can use them when needed. If not, write down confirmation numbers and customer service phone numbers, and keep documents easily accessible in your wallet or carry-on.

Pay bills before the trip

You certainly don’t want to incur additional late fees. So make sure all your credit cards, housing, electricity/water bills and other monthly bills are paid on time, before your trip.

Check the weather

This is the obvious thing to do, but many people seem to forget it. Check the weather forecast for your destination and home town upon your return to make the right arrangements.

Eat, throw away or give away perishable food

No one wants to come home to a stinky fridge. So wash the dishes, take out the trash, clean the sink, clean the fridge… to make sure no food is rotting, attracting vermin while you’re away.

Announce itineraries to friends or family members

Before your trip, you need to send a copy of your travel plans to someone you trust, who can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

What must you not forget before the trip? - 3

You should send a copy of your travel plans to someone you trust. Photo: Inc Magazine.

Clean up wallet

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Check your wallet and leave anything unnecessary during your trip. Loyalty cards, gift cards, extra credit cards… should be kept at home.

Don’t rush to send mail/stuff

If you’re away for several days, arrange to have a neighbor pick up your mail or supplies for you until you get home, or don’t rush to send or buy anything online.

Bring in outdoor furniture

You should not leave any outdoor furniture such as chairs, cushions… unprotected to prevent damage or theft while you are away.

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