How to have a perfect solo trip?

solo trip

solo trip

Traveling alone brings many interesting experiences but also contains many potential dangers.

Currently, solo travel is gradually becoming a trend of many young people who are passionate about travel. This is considered as a solution to relieve fatigue and relax the mind.

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Solo travel offers a new experience, you will have the opportunity to see completely unfamiliar places, people you have never met and conquer challenges along the way.

How to have a perfect solo trip? - first
Solo travel brings new experiences. Photo:

However, solo travel is not always rosy. Any trip carries some risk, but traveling alone is inherently more risky.

Recently, at a homestay in Ha Giang, a female tourist born in 1993, after eating and having fun, returned to the homestay to rest in the morning, when a man broke in and played a depraved game. The accused is a Dao ethnic minority, whose daily job is to drive motorbike taxis.

Therefore, you need to prepare yourself mentally before deciding to pack up and go.

The problem cannot be handled by itself

When coming to a new land, whether in the country or abroad, there can be unexpected incidents such as getting lost, broken car, phone running out of battery, getting sick… Such times will be very necessary. a companion to troubleshoot or at least find solutions with.

Unintentional danger

When traveling alone, especially women, always have to be on the lookout for any possible worst-case scenario while in a strange place. There will always be dangers lurking that no one can predict such as pickpockets, robbers, pervert encounters…

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The cost is higher than going in a group

Compared to traveling with friends and relatives, traveling alone will cost a lot more. There are expenses that can be shared for 2-3 people, now only you have to pay. Specifically, the cost of accommodation, or meals.

Don’t let strangers know you’re alone

When we go alone, we have the need to make new friends. However, you should refrain from disclosing which hotel or homestay you are staying at or sharing your sightseeing schedule and living time with strangers. Only update specific information with relatives, homestay owners or hotel managers for help when problems arise.

Don’t get drunk if you’re alone, and don’t even talk about yourself in this situation. Because you can’t tell if you’ve just given information to a good person or a bad guy.

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Don’t let strangers know you’re alone. Photo:

In a place so deserted

The deserted alleys, the paths with many trees can stimulate the curiosity of lonely legs. However, you should not be too reckless when you are not sure if it is a place worth exploring or a place where robbers are rampant. The best way is to ask the hotel reception, homestay owner, accommodation or travel agencies, locals about a destination before exploring.

Heed danger warnings

The road you are on now may be very safe in the morning but extremely dangerous at night. However, sometimes you are too subjective and ignore these warnings, until you run into trouble yourself.

Take the time to notice and talk to the locals, asking about their culture and avoidance. Don’t forget that criminals often target solo travelers rather than groups.

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Always be on the lookout for warnings where you are going. Photo:

Prepare light luggage

Don’t make your trip a torture with dozens of items. Make a list of the items you really need and don’t regret leaving behind a piece of fashion or jewelry.

Keep your luggage as light as possible so that hassles like how to transport, where to find a place to stay, do not affect the journey. At the same time, lightweight luggage will help visitors easily move and run away when there is danger lurking.

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Light luggage makes your trip more comfortable. Photo: tidal.

Take good care of your personal documents

Whenever traveling alone, always make sure that important documents such as ID cards, passports, credit cards, health insurance cards, etc. are stored in a safe place. You should also make multiple copies in case you lose them. Also, don’t keep all your money and papers in one place.

Ensuring health

Visitors need to be sure that the water they are drinking is from a hygienic source. Venomous snakes or spiders are hazards to watch out for when traveling to tropical areas or wildlife.

Remember to bring and use mosquito repellent and insect repellent. Don’t forget to bring basic medicines, medicines you are taking. You can also bring a prescription because the cost of medical examination in many places is quite expensive. The important thing everyone knows is to always keep your hands clean.

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Make sure your trip is healthy. Photo: fjallraven.

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