6 items should not be brought to travel

6 items should not be brought to travel

6 items should not be brought to travel

You need to learn from mistakes and should not bring items that are not really necessary for the trip.

According to Travelandleisure, before traveling , you need to pay attention to the arrangement of luggage, because the cost for the weight of suitcases at airlines is quite high. Everything in the suitcase must have a specific purpose, otherwise it should be left at home.

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As a professional travel blogger and founder of the travel style website Just Packed, Lydia Mansel realizes that it’s not a good idea to carry too much on a trip. She used to pack a lot of things at once because she was afraid of the weather conditions, wanted to change different clothes… But that only made her travel experience worse.

For many years, Lydia Mansel had to pay a lot of money for overweight luggage, miserable carrying heavy backpacks, used to pray for fear of airport staff dropping something in her bag… Thanks to that, she has quite a lot of experience about what not to bring when traveling.

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You should not bring too many things in one trip. Photo: CNN.

High heels

At the age of 20, Lydia Mansel thought that wearing heels about 15 cm was necessary for a weekend in New York, USA. She hadn’t considered how long she would walk and how much it would weigh on her suitcase.

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Now, Mansel uses the space in his luggage for a more practical item. If she must wear high heels, she will use shoes with large square heels, boat soles and straps.

Thick raincoat

Recently, Lydia Mansel spent 4 months traveling in the UK and did not use a raincoat once. Several times in a row, she tried to carry a raincoat in her luggage.

In fact, female travel bloggers often wear more coats and heavy raincoats that only take up valuable space in the suitcase. On her next trip, she said, she will never make the same mistake.

Bulky neck pillow

Lydia Mansel says there are better options for travel than a neck pillow. The fact that you use it when sleeping is not as frustrating as you have to be annoyed when carrying this bulky item during the journey.

Currently, Mansel no longer wears a neck pillow when traveling. During flights, she often sacrifices sleep and reduces comfort a bit to make room for her carry-on luggage or personal items.

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There are better, travel-friendly options out there than a neck pillow.

Electric suit

Before the trip, everyone should learn about the types of plugs and sockets in the place they are going. This saves you from the same situation as Mansel, where when she arrived in France she brought an outlet suitable for the UK.

Currently, the female blogger always carries a universal travel power adapter, in case she has to buy things at the last minute when going to another country.

Clothes can only be dry cleaned

If you’re going to wear the clothes you brought in your suitcase again, you’ll need to check the clothing labels first. If your clothes get dirty during your trip, you will often want to wash them, but it can be difficult to choose how to clean.

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While your residence may have a laundry room, finding a dry cleaner (and waiting a few days for your clothes to be ready) isn’t always possible. You certainly don’t want to end your trip with a sweater or skirt that’s both taking up space in your suitcase, yellowing, and can’t be worn again. Choose travel clothing that specifically says machine washable; Cotton, spandex and nylon are usually quite safe options.

Too many skin care products

Lydia Mansel takes great care of her skin care routine. When at home, she never forgets the order in which to apply products such as: Toner, vitamin C and sunscreen in the morning; cleanser, retinol and moisturizer at night.

However, carrying the entire product in the skincare routine can be quite a pain, especially since most of the products are of a size not suitable for travel. It will be very painful if you have some expensive cosmetics confiscated by airport staff just because they are larger than the allowed size.

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Carrying around all the products in your skincare routine can be a bit of a hassle.

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