69 ways to bring Vans stars to “best quality on earth”

69 cách mang Vans sao để "chất nhất quả đất"
Vans – a national brand from California has long been an indispensable name in our shoe locker, whether you love sneakers or not. However, not everyone knows how to match a unique pair of Vans, impressive and outstanding in the crowd.

Launched in 1966, up to now, the Vans brand by two Van Doren brothers: Paul and Jim has always been an indispensable brand in our shoe lockers, whether you love sneakers or not. The reason for this, in addition to the acceptable price tag of a pair of Vans, is also the super flexible coordination of the shoe with almost any outfit. Yes, you can wear with jeans, shorts, trousers, khaki pants. Then coordinate with shirts, t-shirts, suits, wear with long socks, short socks (even without socks). A lot of people choose Vans as a pair of shoes to wear all day, to go to work, to walk the street or even to exercise.

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Because of its convenience and popularity, sometimes Vans shoes are not respected. That is, we despise it, think it is impossible to combine Vans with special outfits, giving. special occasions. Or wearing Vans cannot show her personality. However this is a big mistake.

To go deeper on this topic, as well as give you the most specific views on how to on-feet a pair of Vans, let’s analyze the main Vans designs with EACHSHOES, as well as how to bring them beautifully. Please.

Vans Slip Ons

69 ways to bring Vans stars to "the best quality on earth"

We’ll start with the oldest and most basic Vans pattern – the Vans Slip On. This seems to be an indispensable uniform for anyone wanting to get started in windsurfing. With its familiar form and good cushioning to help grip the board, the shoes seem to be the perfect sneakers not only for surfing, but also for everyday wear. Especially with the legendary Checkboard pattern designed by Steve Van Doran then it is very easy for you to carry every day.

69 ways to bring Vans stars to "the best quality on earth"

Also, if you pay attention, every time you need to go out, if you come downstairs, look at your shoe collection, wonder what to wear, the Slip-On at the door is a perfect choice. . From a fashion perspective, Vans Slip On goes best with casual, not too fussy outfits such as a matching jeans and a T-shirt or shirt. If you need to be a little more formal, you can completely wear a vest outside. Some versions made from glossy leather can be completely used to combine more elaborate, sophisticated outfits.

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69 ways to bring Vans stars to "the best quality on earth"

Among Vans designs, the Slip On is the most versatile model, combined with the most out-fit styles. You just need to pay attention to how to match the colors and patterns.

Vans Old Skool / Vans Authentic / Vans Era

Although they are two different product lines, but basically both Vans Old Skool and Authentic have the same form, same low neck design structure, thick sole and upper are made from canvas. In addition, thanks to the special design, both models of these Vans are quite youthful. Main this will be limited if anyone wants to combine them with suits.

69 ways to bring Vans stars to "the best quality on earth"

On the contrary, they are extremely suitable when combined with jeans or khaki pants (trousers) and worn with a shirt. You can also wear a layer of jeans, leather jacket, bomer or a youthful jacket outside to give your outfit a new breeze.

Layer combinations aren’t a bad choice either. Try wearing a t-shirt, hoodie, and a jacket. You will be amazed at what I can do. And yet, if you love the dynamic and youthful, you can completely wear these 3 low-neck shoes with high socks (pull to the middle of your thighs), combined with shorts and t-shirts. You will be extremely surprised about the results achieved.

Vans Sk8-Hi

69 ways to bring Vans stars to "the best quality on earth"

The last Vans, also my favorite model: Van Sk8-Hi. Basically it is like a tall Old-Skool pair but younger and “cooler”. In terms of design, the Sk8-Hi models are mainly attracted by fashionable suede material, a sturdy upper and a sturdy, durable buffer. Many people say that Sk8-Hi is comfortable, I disagree. It is very difficult when you put your foot in shoes with leather inner lining, hard and quite tunnel. After a few break-ins, the new shoes are truly more comfortable and flexible.

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69 ways to bring Vans stars to "the best quality on earth"

The Vans Sk8-Hi mix is ​​similar to the other models. With the easy option, you can wear jeans, t-shirt / shirt and done. Put on a few more layers to increase the youthfulness or dignity depending on the occasion. Because it is a high-heeled shoe, it is very important to find yourself a pair of jeans that fit, not undermine the collar. You should also not wear turtlenecks, combined with shorts with Sk8-Hi because the length of the socks, otherwise clever, will easily damage your entire outfit.

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