adidas Continental 80 - The "Pride" race of brands

Come and reschedule, when the “Month of Pride” is coming up – a month to honor the LGBT community around the world, brands from big to small will launch separate products for this event. After the colorful collection of Converse EACHSHOES introduced to you not long ago. adidas is the next brand to jump into the event race. Starting with the classic version that just brought back headlines earlier this year – the adidas Continental 80.

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adidas Contitnental 80s “Pride Month”

One of the fashion versions is quite popular with sneakerheads as well as fashionista – fashionisto world. With a simple design, looks quite similar to Superstar 80s, but the Continental 80 attracts with simplicity in its own way. Perhaps because they are in the same house as Reebok, if you notice, Reebok has released a pair with a design quite similar to this version. Difference between them EACHSHOES thinks only the logos of the two brands. To put it fun, the adidas Continental 80 adds a lot more interesting seven-color details.

The most special feature of this version is the reed and the familiar side of the LGBT community. In addition, the insoles inside are also unique with the text printed “Love Unites”. Show adidas Originals support for the greatest power in the universe – Love. adidas Continental 80 is scheduled to be released on the first day of “Month of Pride” for just $ 80. You can order a version exclusively for yourself on Please.

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