How to be a sneakerhead instead of being called a hypebeast?

How to be a sneakerhead instead of being called a hypebeast?

Today, EACHSHOES wants to write a few lines (and maybe a lot of lines) to talk about the topic but many have inbox for the ad asking: HOW TO CALL SNEAKERHEAD BECAUSE BEEN CALLED HYPEBEAST?

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Dear friends, the sneakers community in Vietnam has been thriving over the past 4 years. Going back to the journey back to the days that EACHSHOES was just founded in January 2015, at that time, Nerve Shoe was still a pioneer group in creating the sneakers community. After that, many other groups were born, and sneakers events gathered thousands of young people who loved sneakers from all over the country. Also one of the information channels about sneakers opened at that time, EACHSHOES has witnessed a transformation & growing stronger than ever in Vietnam at that time until today.

You must remember, the time Converse launched the Converse Chuck II with Lunarlon cushion, people flocked to buy, to be honest, we still haven’t decoded the whole success. of this product in Vietnam (GR – General Release in the world). What event then caused the earthquake again? Probably not to mention the adidas Originals NMD, one of the products that achieved great success with limited quantity of more than 100 pairs. Back then, arguing a lot about the back-door story at the Bitexco store, everyone in the community must remember. What’s more, it’s the adidas for the first time bringing Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Beluga’ 1.0 to Vietnam to satisfy the expectations of many previous customers. And then do you remember the day Nike (ACFC exclusively distributed) brought the Air Jordan 4 Oreo to Vietnam and created a big effect?

4 years ago, there were many events happening, many friends and brothers at that time had in themselves large collections of extremely rare, unique, strange sneakers … that not everyone could buy or because of information. It’s not as easy to search in Vietnamese as it is now. Looking back on the past time, many of you have entered a world & a culture close to the ground, starting your own passions and sometimes you always ask how to turn yourself into a sneakerhead. true, not a hypebeast (good hypebeast, not bad guys, but there are many people who do not like this phrase because it represents following, following trends, …). So the question is how to be a true sneakerhead instead of a hypebeast?

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Talking about passion, I am sure you can be a bit vague and unimaginable. But from my point of view, passion is something that motivates me to do something good and for myself to then inspire others. Passionate about sneakers when you research an item you order, buy, buy, … Do you spend time long enough to understand that the shoe is right for you? Are you buying because many others buy it? And most of all, does it bring significant material and spiritual value in comparison to the effort I put in? If you want to be a sneakerhead, you have to become a master of what you already own. You meet a person, you keep paying attention you can talk about a lot of things that you have learned, found and naturally when you talk the person next to you naturally wants to have passion like you. Or even veteran players, you have new perspectives on a certain pair of sneakers to be amazed at it turns out there are other things they don’t know about and you prove convincing about the perspective. mine. Who rubs, this is probably the hardest step and also takes the most time to get on the road to becoming a genuine sneakerhead.

If any pair hype or can hype, you can buy immediately, no need to learn, no need to calculate, no matter whether you really like it or not? Then that seems to be a sign you might become a hypebeast already. Or sometimes you have the eyes of a businessman, buy floor (retail), sell high (resell) (sounds like playing stock too haha), you can also become a great trader. talent based on the trend already. Sneakerhead they are not like that, guys, sales can happen, but not often or from time to time.

One of the things I see myself is becoming a sneakerhead by categorizing a line of sneakers that you love and understand best. In the world there are many sneakerheads that have gone in this direction. They always know how to create an image associated with a certain line of sneakers that they really love, really love. Retro Runner, Tennis Retro, Basketball Retro, Skateboard, … that is each term used to distinguish each product line re-released based on old releases of the 70s, 80s, 90s, …

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It is not difficult for you to find and read these documents. The amount of information now countless on the internet takes 15 minutes to search and 1 hour to synthesize that information into your knowledge.

As the article here, to be honest for me the phrase Sneakerhead it is like WHAT it is. I compare it with the phrase GIRLS because I honestly say that to become a sneakerhead, its path is long. Sneakerhead is a prestigious title that not everyone wants to have. Do you know what Sneakerhead resembles Village Elder? It is profound knowledge and prestige people with mysterious and profound things and witnessing what happened in the sneakers community in Vietnam. One day you become a sneakerhead cannot be certain, because of the vast amount of knowledge and you know, culture, no one has 100% penetration. It takes time to turn information into your knowledge. I have met many reclusive brothers and sisters on social networks, they do not show off, but silently with both shoe cabinets and their own savage knowledge. They know how to own a pair of sneakers, but to be honest, it’s not like having money to buy. They cherished it and talked about their incredible journey of owning those rare sneakers. Writing a book about buying sneakers is okay.

It sounds weird, but it’s true for sneakers and true sneakerheads. The bow is not a stoop or anything simply a look at what’s on the leg before looking at the face, that’s all. And sometimes when I look up it’s “NICE KICKS, BRO!”. And they start a story about owning sneakers and profound knowledge. SIMPLE IS THE GIRL TALK TO A LOT OF YOU!

New releases and sneakerhead purchases are too normal, it’s simply that everyone has to live in the present tense, not just sneakerhead just looking for some unique, strange, rare pairs of the past. Each re-release or new pair of shoes is also the new experience of these sneakerheads. They don’t fall behind, but choosing which release to buy is called HIGH FILTER, that’s simple. No need to spend money to own a design following the market trends. Besides, using & sharing passion it is a little different, they don’t care how many likes “weight” of the photo, and sometimes they don’t want to show off their own collection. other people know.

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I have the opportunity to meet some 8x brothers and sisters, they are true and true sneakerheads. They do not make money on the shoes they buy, they are entrepreneurs, are business people in many different industries, but before when they were students, when they just went to work, they could not afford to buy, they plowed all. me & now they buy it simply to complete their own bucket list. The driving force of a passion it creates a great urge for them to work and dedicate it to you. I do not talk about people who have money and what they like to buy. That way is simpler and honestly I have not had much contact with the sneakerhead group that wants to buy something (without evaluating the material of you guys, they are still very good and have no less knowledge).

So long, to be honest, it is impossible to describe all of you if you have read here what a true sneakerhead is, I have simply started to know about sneakers over 6 years from the day I started. work and until the time of quitting, step out to build EACHSHOES wholeheartedly. 3 years EACHSHOES has made great milestones, is also the time when I think that I will have many new shares with new perspectives for you who have been, are, and will be passionate about this wonderful underground culture. I have gained a lot of dear brothers and sisters through my shoes, have gained a lot of precious & cherished things over the past years. Above all, a community is growing and creating an influence that can change the perspective and thinking of people who are not interested in fashion. I wonder if that’s the case, but just go and know it, right?

Do you have any suggestions, if you have read here, then just frankly share, discuss, you may add perspectives to add the full article as possible.

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