What is the most accurate definition for “sneakerhead”?

Let’s find out: What is the most accurate definition for “sneakerhead”?

What do you call someone who loves sneakers? Any community has its own cultural characteristics. And every community will always have leaders.

They are not only pioneers with great knowledge about the community, they are also people who always want to develop a strong community.

Are sneakerheads at the forefront of the sneakers community? But what is the most accurate concept of whether someone is a real sneakerhead?

What does it mean to be a Sneakerhead?

According to Forbes.com, the most complete definition for “sneakerhead” is those who collect, buy, and have a love for sneakers. To them sneakers are like a kind of hobby. Those who are coughed as sneakerhead are quite similar to collectors who are always passionate and dedicated to what they love. A lot of people have vast knowledge related to sneakers. They are knowledgeable about shoe lines, color combinations, origins and history. Not only that, they also spend a lot of time and money searching for the sneakers they want and related information to own a complete material and intellect collection.

On Urban Dictionary, there are many definitions that are quite similar but somewhat simpler. Sneakerhead here is explained that sneaker lovers do not limit themselves to any particular brand. They also have a great deal of knowledge about sneakers.

The most accurate definition for "sneakerhead" what?

When was sneakerhead born?

Sneakers became popular in the 70s. This was when the B-boy wave and hip-hop wave became popular in Western countries, typically New York. Not only the clothes that made the B-boy’s style at that time but also the sneakers were focused. Not only do they own popular designs, they sometimes even customize their own shoes to stand out.

The most accurate definition for "sneakerhead" what?

One of the brands contributing to the shoe collection movement cannot be ignored is Nike. Shoe collection became serious when the first Jordan shoe was banned in the NBA. The community began to be curious and sought and wanted to own that design. At the same time, brands began to contract with celebrities, influencers to create special shoes. The climax of the race to collect shoes exploded when Nike re-released the banned Jordan model. Collectors plunged into the quest for that design.

How do you become a Sneakerhead?

Collectors known as “sneakerheads” can spend a lot of time, effort and money to be able to own the sneakers they want. They are constantly on the way of searching for and buying many pairs of sneakers. For them, each design is respected, has related stories and has a certain meaning. Because of these values, sneakerheads do not hesitate to spend time, effort or money. Their collection can range from a few tens to a few hundred pairs of shoes from casual designs to those with great value.

The most accurate definition for "sneakerhead" what?

Where do Sneakerheads buy their shoes, Sneakerhead is a reseller??

Realizing the excitement and passion of the “shoe collectors”, the brands gradually released many unique color schemes with a limited number of releases to make the game even more exciting. And the concept of “camp” shoes also appeared. Long lines of people waiting in line to “copy” a pair of exclusive releases include both the sneakerhead and the non-sneakerhead.

Some buy for collectibles, some buy them with the desire to sell them at a higher price. The resellers are called “Reseller”. Who is reseller in sneakers? They are the ones who are always on the hunt for new, exclusive, limited designs and resell at a price above the retail price. They collect “goods” from many sources. To be a reliable reseller, they also have their own knowledge of diverse sneakers, distinguish real and fake goods that are quite similar to the description of a sneakerhead.

The most accurate definition for "sneakerhead" what?

Reseller also comes in two forms. One is to make a profit only. They are interested in shoes but have no need to collect. The other is the sneakerhead that has the bulk of the sneakers in the closet and the shoe buying and selling helps them maintain their passion for sneakers. Some comments that reseller creates negative effects on the culture of the community. They mislead many people about sneakerheads as being passionate about making money rather than passionate about sneakers. That is partly reflected in the definition given by Forbes.

So, Sneakerhead definition slang is exactly …

What is sneakerhead according to you? According to EACHSHOES, a sneakerhead usually does not identify itself as a sneakerhead. For them, sneakers are passion and they are happy to live with that passion. That passion is not simply about buying lots of shoes or possessing the most unique and newest designs, but also the process of accumulating knowledge about sneakers for yourself. When it comes to sneakers they don’t bias a brand. They don’t just talk about sneakers on social media, they can talk about sneakers anywhere. When it comes to sneakers, they always show enthusiasm and passion in every word.

The most accurate definition for "sneakerhead" what?

Maybe for those who have been playing shoes for a long time with a passion for sneakers that never stops and has a precious sneaker legacy, it is the sneakerhead. Do you dare to claim that you are a real sneakerhead? What do you think is the correct definition for this leader of this terrestrial culture?

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