Part 1: What is Hypebeast? Hypebeast and Sneaker Game

WHEN 1: What is Hypebeast?  What does this phrase have to do with the sneakers community?

Let’s find out: Part 1: What is Hypebeast? Hypebeast and Sneaker Game?

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You love the collaborative sneakers of Supreme and Bape, but you don’t know how to skateboard. You crave legendary versions of the Air Jordan, but you’ve never seen all-time basketball monuments – Michael Jordan brings them to play. You can’t sit still when you see the Supreme, OFF-WHITE, BAPE, limited edition editions released. You can’t miss Lebron 11, Kobe 9 and KD 7’s Elite, All-star or Christmas basketball shoes, but even the orange ball you have never touched. And that’s one of the signs people around give you a tag, something you’ve probably heard of and not very pleasant: HYPEBEAST.



Surely many readers when reading here will immediately wonder: HYPEBEAST what does it mean?


HYPEBEAST or exactly what that EACHSHOES definition is THE RUNNERS. They are people who are willing to scour for expensive shoes and are creating storms of trend. With one HYPEBEAST genuine, they obsess about fevers of shoes and clothes, accessories, … They do everything they can to own those items to prove themselves, or confirm their own egos. in the community. Sometimes it is to gain admiration from people around them. Therefore, they can directly pay or swipe the card immediately for two, three times or more times the original retail price of the item.



Identity “HYPEBEAST” Do not know since when they have become names mentioned many times in the debates about sneakers in particular and fashion in general. It became so popular that we already have a sneakers and streetwear magazine called and if you’re curious, type in the phrase. “HYPEBEAST”The result will be a range of information without a stop.

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You are a HYPEBEAST and you are crazy about sneakers, clothes, accessories HYPED price. To put it plainly, it is the over-concern when everyone is running along with the price being inflated over the unusual price. It is true that Hypebeast has existed for a long time, but perhaps this phrase only became famous when social networks began to see a lot of fanfare and overbearing of brand-name lovers, hype lovers, …


Everything has change. The sneakers culture has changed. Fashion style has changed. The magazine itself has also changed a lot. Trends and attitudes have passed through many stages, and the sneakers culture is no longer confined to a community.hypebeast

So what is a HYPEBEAST 2020?

Today, if one HYPEBEAST, maybe you don’t care about the true “true” shape of the Air Jordan OG versions but simply bring the pair first, post it on the Internet first, … will you get a lot of ‘likes’ to bring? is not?. Are you HYPEBEAST when you only keep an eye on scarce shoe versions or a collaboration between two brands? You are HYPEBEAST when your idol was Kanye West? You are HYPEBEAST when you wear a classic Air Jordan but never saw our world basketball monument win glory with it on the wooden floor or at least the stories behind it.

michael jordan

You may be labeled HYPEBEAST by almost anything in the world today. Then what won’t make you one HYPEBEAST? Do you have to memorize the entire history and story behind the shoes you have? Do you have to memorize all of Jordan’s transcripts and achievements before you spend $ 180 on a pair of his shoes? Or you have to ignore the very beautiful shoes that are creating the trendy storms that you really like but have to feel sorry for fear of being tagged. HYPEBEAST?

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Identity HYPEBEAST being labeled so easily that it is bluff and generally intangible have made this definition completely false. What’s the worst? It is the characters who often call others HYPEBEAST in fact was, is or is one HYPEBEAST genuine.


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