Review Ananas Track 6 – Sang, genuine, excellent from concept to design

Review Ananas Track 6 - Sang, genuine, excellent from concept to design

ANANAS TRACK 6 – Cold Cement Sneaker

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ANANAS Vietnam

The whole month only saw the teaser and listened to the team Ananasvn sharing about the enthusiasm and passion in the new collection – Ananas Track 6, really EACHSHOES team is extremely curious and annoying. I really want to see the shoes with my own eyes and feel her directly in my hand. Until the end of the week, a handsome shipper alo me and delivered this special music box. Needless to say how surprised it was. Get excited to bring it to the office and let the team take off the double stamps in Ananas Track 6.

First impression when holding the carton box in my hand, I am surprised because it is extremely heavy. I thought there were two pairs inside like every time I review male and female sizes. But not at all, this version is completely different. A large black suitcase is inside the carton box. Outside the box is the words “Ananas Track 6 – Special Edition” along with the new logo “Cropped Version Logo” – cut and modified from the familiar OG Pineapple logo.

The title Track 6 of this shoe line is also derived from the sixth song titled “LET IT BE” on The Beatles’ album of the same name in the 1970s. Ignore it all and move on. A small message from Ananas to his beloved fans “Live to the best and do what you like so as not to waste your youth”. A version with bold effects of the past, but the story and the design it brings are the image of the present and the future.

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Overly impressed with the box being cared for from its appearance, I quickly opened the box and the picture below is the first thing I see. Inside the special suitcase there are not only “Cold Cement Sneakers” shoes, but also 2 other accessories. Cold Cement Sneakers is the first version in this Track 06 shoe line by Ananas. Actually, this version of Ananas Track 6 keeps me from surprise to surprise. The T-shirt is stored in a paper box beside it. Underneath are socks with the words “LET IT BE” in theme with three attractive white-red-black colors.

The surprise does not stop there, after taking all the items in the upper layer, you will see a cardboard like vinyl plates placed below. And when opened, as you can see below, the Cold Cement Sneaker in 3D Pop-up card with the background underneath is the sketches that make up this version. The accessories that come with these shoes are so special that I have to evaluate all of these and then the main character – the pure white “Cold Cement Sneaker”. Opening this card is all 3 items included in the special box of the first version of Ananas Track 6 and a half. Now we will get to the main character.

Cold Cement Sneaker appeals to me with its basic look with many layers of it. The stylized “A” logo appearing along the shoe body is also a very new detail, unique to the Track 6 line of shoes. The uppers of Cold Cement Sneaker are made entirely of “Storm Leather” leather. According to me, this is a famous leather substance in the mid-high-end segment of the leather world. The material is carefully selected and handled by Ananas to get a slightly lumpy yet soft leather texture on the shoe. When you touch it lightly, you will feel a bit rough. Uppers having only one white color won’t be impressive, so Ananas’s creative team added a red trim right to the collar of the shoe to add a highlight.


Uppers have an impressive impression, the soles part attracts me with the patterns on it. Because I accidentally deleted the photo of the base on the company, I took the photo of Ananas to illustrate to you more clearly the interestingness of this sole. Midsolde made from monolithic rubber should be quite smooth and lightweight. The outsoles made from brown Gum sole add to the simplicity and sophistication of the white upper part. The toe of the shoe with the circle pattern looks like an old turntable, the heel is the play button often seen when you listen to music or watch videos.

In terms of fit and shoe form, Cold Cement Sneakers made me quite satisfied. Because the colors are also basic, I think it will be easy to combine with many different styles of clothing: from gentle, banh beo to personality, men or women can mix-match. If you are looking for a basic pure Vietnamese version, I think you should consider Ananas Track 6 – Cold Cement Sneaker. This version will be officially available in Ananas stores from date 01/01/2020 come here. Especially at the store Flagship store Nguyen Trai, on this day there is a special event for fans of this brand as well. Please stop by to have your own experiences!

You can sign up for the event here to get a chance to own a special version like EACHSHOES!


Source: Review Ananas Track 6 – Sang, genuine, excellent from concept to design

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