Review Biti’s Hunter Street – A symphony of street culture

Review Biti's Hunter Street - A symphony of street culture

After versions inspired by movies or special events that are popular with young people in recent years. Finally, Biti’s has launched a separate line of shoes specializing in cooperation with different famous names in many fields. For sneakerheads of EACHSHOES, we all understand too well how “collab” or valuable artist collaborations are. Not all excited for the version with Son Tung M-TP, Biti’s has launched a completely new line of shoes Biti’s Hunter Street with inspiration mainly taken from the street life.

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For the launch of this new line of shoes Biti’s Hunter Street, Biti’s has introduced 2 different collections for shoe enthusiasts and Biti’s in general. The first BST is “The Basic Beaters” is designed with basic designs and available in 5 different colors. The second collection is more special as it is in the series “Nameless Edition” collaboration with contemporary icons. And for this new appearance, Biti’s Hunter Street collaborated with Viet Max with the artist’s street stories.

Biti’s Hunter Street – The Basic Beaters has quite basic design and in my opinion it is easy to coordinate. Too impressed with Nameless x Viet Max So these 5 pairs don’t really attract me. However, the form and finishing in the seam, each layer of this pair is extremely good. The price is less than 500,000 VND – only 499,000 VND, I see you are hesitant or hesitant to buy a baby to go to the collection to “plow” everyday.

In addition to the most obvious difference is the design of the 2 BSTs, this Biti’s Hunter Street release has the same material and form. While holding this pair in hand, the entire EACHSHOES team was surprised by its lightness. It is really light compared to the Biti’s versions that are currently in our offices. The soles made from EVA LiteTraction rubber give me a completely different experience. Feeling this soles directly on your hand will be extremely happy and love to touch and shape it. Really!!! Trust me !!!

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This version comes in 5 colors: Blue Black – Washed Navy, White and Red Blue – Double Stripes, Pink – Sunbaked Pink, and two monochrome monochrome colors – Dusty White, black – Concrete Black. There are many colors but I find them all easy to match with any of your outfits.

The only thing that is of concern is that the canvas uppers on some light-colored pairs will easily pick up dust. But with the spirit of the street in your body, a few new stains create your own “quality”, right? So what are you wondering about these shoes will be like! I am looking forward to you all coordinating with Biti’s Hunter Street versions too. This special meaning is well worth looking forward to you.

Next is the version of cooperation between Viet Max and Biti’s Hunter Street. Viet Max is certainly too familiar with his brothers in the underground or sneakers, streetstyle community. This time releasing such an epic collection, I quickly got the whole set at the office. Last time I was somewhat disliked in the original Nameless Edition shoebox because it hasn’t changed much from the original Biti’s Hunter boxes. But this time, Biti’s designed a new container made of recycled paper, adding a handle on the top like a gift box. Compact, lightweight and extremely portable. What I like too for the street spirit of Viet Max.

Uppers of two pairs of Nameless x Viet Max don’t need to talk about its uniqueness. Just looking at the picture is enough to show that. The entire shoe body has street motifs. The details are also extremely sharp and quality. Even the laces are imprinted with the words “Biti’s Hunter Street” as if to affirm the street spirit in these shoes.

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However, I am a little doubtful about the durability of the printing on this belt. I used to own a pair with a similar design on a lanyard, but only after a short time of use, the words were somewhat blurred. I hope this doesn’t happen in my favorite shoes.

In addition, the wire section running along the lanyard system to the heels is also a fancy point of Nameless x Viet Max. However, adding the above details can make it difficult to clean your shoes sometimes. I do not advise you to take it off. If you don’t cleverly lose its form, it is considered a little “less beautiful” shoes. Although the outside of the shoe is a slightly rough canvas, the inside is extremely smooth and comfortable due to the woven lining with lots of air holes. The lining in this pair has also been improved to look more solid than before.

Overall, I think the Biti’s Hunter Street – Nameless x Viet Max version is worth buying. The level of perfection is extremely sophisticated. With only 699,000 VND, you can own this unique shoe. Honestly, foreigners will also be curious to ask where you buy it right away!

The Biti’s Hunter Street collection is now available Biti’s website and Tiki, you can order now for The Basic Beaters line and pre-order for collab with Việt Max! Must-cop for that month!


– 68 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem
– 01 Ba Trieu, Hoan Kiem ?Moi

– 09 Ham Nghi, Thanh Khe

Ho Chi Minh:
– 47 Nguyen Hue, District 1
– 98 Nguyen Trai, District 1 New

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