Gone are the days when only boys were cool with sneakers. Gone are the days when a manly girl wore sneakers …

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However, how to match with ‘so cool’ sneakers and still retain a feminine look? EACHSHOES and Thythu would like to introduce a few ways to match the map which is inherently with sneakers, please refer to it!

1. Midi dress with sneakers

Like its name suggests, midi skirts, pencil skirts … are often worn with high heels and office fashions. However, by mixing with tennis shoes, you bring personality to the outfit, and of course it’s super convenient to go… shopping after work.


2. Short skirt with sneakers

thythu4For women short skirts are a symbol of attraction.

Short skirts combined with baskets shoes bring you youthful health. Be careful when matching short skirts with mid-neck sneakers, this makes your legs very easy to … shorten. Should match with low collar shoes like adidas Stan Smith.


3. Combine culottes and low-neck sneakers


The culottes have never shown any signs of cooling and are one of the items that are quite admired. But mixing culotte pants with sneakers is something that not all girls dare to do. Its effectiveness is quite high if you want to show off the image of a girl personality.

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4. Mixing sneakers with long skirts?

It sounds wrong, right? Long skirt to wear with sneakers? Just looking for it, but if you mix & match skillfully, sneakers will bring you health and personality.


5. Simply pants with sneakers


It sounds simple, but the combination of sneaker and pants also needs dexterity, you will easily be ‘lost’ when the wrong combination. If you have decided to mix these two together, you should choose jeans or pants that break a bit, the cake girl will transform ‘so cool’ immediately.


6. Shorts with sneakers

Being active during the day but equally attractive, matching sneakers with shorts is the best choice in these hot summer days. Especially when traveling, going on a picnic.




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